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In which Hank responds to Secret Sister MelissaJenna's inaugural secret sibling video.


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Um, hello Melissa.

This is my first video cam direct upload ever, so I don't really know what I'm doing. But I wanted to say thanks for becoming a nerdfighter! Hoo-ha nerdfighters!

And also for becoming a secret sibling because that's really cool to have a high profile user as yourself as a secret sibling. Additionally, I'm very excited that you are also becoming a partner because that means there's gonna be somebody who I know from Youtube on the conference call, uh, that is coming up whenever it's coming up and that's cool. I mean it's sort of um, is...

I feel like I'm part of the larger Youtube community now. I feel like we are part of this sort of big amazing, crazy thing called Youtube and that is very exciting. Umm.. anyway obviously your background is nicer than my background, I just have some, you know... my basement ceiling mostly, and also some basement walls.

I have a map of the world right here, and it was... it was up on the wall and I took it down a while ago so I could have a blank white space. Maybe I should put this behind me, and be like... I have background!

Map of the world, because it's like newsy! I do have to hold it here against my head. Yeah see that looks very official, yeah it's excellent.

Well I wanted to say thank you for the cute little nerdfighter shrinky dink. Yes I do in fact remember shrinky dinks, and I think I may have had ninja turtle shrinky dinks when I was a kid. We are not... right, if you think that you're too old for Youtube, then I am WAY too old for Youtube because I got like four years on you, easy.

Maybe three. So yeah, thank you! That was an excellent shrinky dink, it worked very well.

I was like you can't put crayons on shrinky dink! It's going to melt! It's going to melt and there wont be any color and she'll be sad and it'll just be a burned blob of burned crap!

But yeah, it worked really well, congratulations, you proved me very wrong. So yeah, thank you and that was cool and I can't wait to hear your current affairs nerdfighter song or see it in my pants. And I will see you soon!

And I'll keep watching your videos if you keep watching mine. Later. Bye!