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02:10 - 1) flyingbeagles In lieu of your article about the benefits of coffee, how about the studies that show the inhibition of iron absorption by coffee that may be of concern of iron deficient patients?

04:00 - 2) Leo DeBroeck - Does skipping breakfast really have a negative effect on your health and body weight? What does the research say?

05:35 - 3) DefenestrateWindows - You have commented on milk before, what about other dairy products? Do they seem to pose the same risks as milk, as the studies you have presented in the past do?

06:40 - 4) Leo DeBroeck - Many claims are made that avocados are 'super foods.' Would you agree with this claim? Do you agree that there are really such things as 'super foods?

07:45 - 5) Joe Dohm - Root Canals. I assume they are actually safe, but I would love to hear you debunk the conspiracy theories.

08:20 - 6) Tucker Nielson I have an 8 year old girl and my wife and I are discussing the HPV Vaccine... at what age do you recommend this vaccine be administered? Also, any reason NOT to get the HPV Vaccine? *The CDC recommends "all kids who are 11 and 12" read more:

10:05 - 7) Horsey0Luver I've heard that drinking pure water is better than getting water from food, but it seems to me like H2O is H2O and it doesn't make a difference how you get it. Which one is correct?

12:40 - 8) Liz Borino What can you tell us about the migraine "headband"? Is it effective?

13:45 - 8.5 poster, fb, patreon promo plug DO ALL THESE THINGS! :)

14:40 - 9) AlexIsPeachy What's a good non-fattening source of caffeine? Trying to give up sugary sodas.

15:40 - 10) tomlyger What are your thoughts on the increasing number of people who think young children should be allowed to make their own medical decisions?

18:03 - 10.5) mark says Can you ask the audience for things they want to see in the LIVE Show, or suggestions or comments. We always want to make it better.

19:00 - 11) Stu Mair I heard on NPR that the recommendations for sodium are not based on substantial evidence. What does the research say about sodium intake?

20:27 - John drops in

22:35 - Wrap it up (Aaron had an appointment so we had to wrap it up early!)
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