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Just my thoughts on youtube, chewbacca and awesome music.


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Good morning John.

John, a few days ago you listed three reasons why Chewbacca shouldn't be president. Or couldn't be president, since he's not a citizen and he is also dead. But you left out an important reason that was brought to my attention by Shark eye Jones, and I have to let you know, having Chewbacca leading the Chewie-Solo ticket presents a problem, because Chewbacca owes a life debt to Han Solo. Chewie was sentenced to death for doing something, I don't remember what, and Han Solo saved him. And so in Wookiee law, Chewie now has to do everything he can to keep Han Solo alive, which creates a problem if there is ever an attempt on Han Solo's life because then you would have the president jumping in front of the bullet- or the blaster bolt- to save the vice president's life, which just seems wrong.

So I just wanted to bring that up, there's and advertisement paid for the citizens of Mon Calamari for an Ackbar/ Calrissian ticket and that is the fact that they are using to try and divide us on the Chewie/Solo idea. Not really important, though. Maybe we should move on. More important, as far as I'm concerned, is to give you my two cents. Here's five! Take it! I hit my guitar...

On that video you made a little while ago about selling out, so there are two ways that we can make money. There's the advertisements and then there's the selling stuff, and I like both of the because they let us spend more time on our videos, making them one hundred and twenty-six percent better than the videos we made in March of 2006. If you don't believe me, go watch! So let us take the advertisements first.

Now, as far as advertisements go, we have no control over what you see and we actually don't even know what's there. I've no idea what's in that space over there and before you click that little x I didn't know it was down here, either. That's all a complete mystery to me, in fact if you could pause your video right now and leave a comment saying what those advertisements are, that would be really helpful because then we would have some idea of what was going on.

The other way that we make money is by selling stuff, which we infinitely prefer to advertisements 'cause I kinda feel like advertisements are a little bit dirty. John, you sell books, I sell CDs, we sell t-shirts, but that's not something that's outside of what Nerdfighteria is. Ever since Helen Hunt part of me on YouTube has been writing songs, and forever, part of you on YouTube has been writing books. Of course, John, you're right, no one should ever feel obligated to buy something. I know what it's like to be young and poor. I used to save my lunch money by eating other people's leftovers in the school cafeteria. That's right. The part of the cafeteria food that the other kids wouldn't eat. That's what I ate so that I could save money to buy CDs. Kids, don't do that. Do not risk getting a disease to buy my cd. Do not do that.

But, I am really into the YouTube thing. I love the idea that my friends on YouTube might be able to make money doing it. So, when I see stuff like this, I want it. And I have to have it. This is a cd that would not exist without YouTube, in, like, 17 different ways. It's a collaborative project between two YouTubers, Fallofautumndistro, Alan Lastufka, and Tom Milsom, Hexachordal, who is one of the best musicians making music on YouTube today. They decided to make this album and they did it, 100%, without ever seeing each other. It's this beautiful wonderful thing that would never exist without YouTube, and there's only six tracks, but it's only six dollars. I'm really happy to be a part of it. And so I don't feel bad for telling you this is awesome and hoping that some of you are going to buy it. And at the end of this video, you'll be able to click through to see an amazing music video that was done for one of these songs.

I mean, let's be honest. We love making YouTube videos. We would do this with, or without, the money. But being able to dedicate more time to these videos being able to do more cool things like truth or fail and make real good studio produced music, that's the kind of stuff we wouldn't be able to do if we didn't consider this part of our work. So, despite the fact that a lot of people who, my hands are huge, I was going to do despite the fact that a lot of people responded to your video saying A. that they kinda feel that money is dirty and they'll trust us to be good people I just wanted to give my two cents on the selling out thing. That is all. Bye bye.