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Hank gives you a preview of things to come on Crash Course Chemistry!

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CC Kids:
Over the last 52 weeks I've enjoyed sharing with you my fascination with biology. If you've been through it with us, you've now got yourself now a pretty deep and complex understanding of how life functions, from the chemistry that makes cells work to the ecosystems that make the planet work. And it's never too late to catch up on those biology and ecology courses; they'll be here on Youtube forever. But it's time to move onto something new. Something bigger because it's smaller, more beautiful because it's invisible, more powerful because it's everything. Crash Course Chemistry.

My undergraduate degree is actually in chemistry, and I've been a lifelong lover of this subject, not just the rules, and laws, and the bonds, and the coefficients. But of the men and women who shaped this science that deepened our understanding of the world so magnificently. The Siberian misanthrope who would revolution our understanding of matter. The German war criminal who saved a billion lives. The French aristocrat who created the science of chemistry and all he got for his trouble was beheaded.

And of course all of these stories exist within the greatest science ever. What is matter made of? How and when do atoms come together and break apart? What is an electron? Why is silver's chemical symbol Ag? How do we fix global warming and live forever?

The answers to all of these questions (except for the last two) will be contained within this course. But those last two, if and when they get solved I guarantee you will be solved with the help of chemistry.

And we'll be doing it in this beautiful new set that was designed and created by Nick Jenkins. And our graphics team, our graphics team, will be 'Thought Cafe'. Which is what 'Thought Bubble' has turned into.

We're slaving away on Crash Course Chemistry now and the first episode should be hitting your subscription box within the next couple of weeks. Until then, feel free to check out any of the biology that you may have missed, and we'll see you soon.