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John and Chris have their last official workout of week one with their trainer, Laura. Then, they do some cooking with their dietician, Kim, and realize the pitfalls of juggling avocados.

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*Please consult YOUR doctors about any concerns you might have before starting your own fitness journey.

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Laura: Ok
John: Is this the exercise?
Chris: (?)
John: Why do I look so fat in the mirror but so awesome in person?
(Intro ding)

 Days 3-4  

J (voice-over): Day 3 of 100 Days we a self-directed exercise day. This means we can do anything from brisk walking to jogging to golfing to doubles tennis as long as we do it for 30 minutes.
J (vocie-over): For me that meant forty minutes of jogging on the treadmill while wearing argyle socks becuasevoice-over I did not purchase enough athletic socks in preparation for this project. For Chris: it meant golf. Self-directed exercise days usually mean golf for Chris.
J (voice-over): I had some yogurt and granola for breakfast, astonishingly good leftovers for lunch and then my first meal out that evening. We went to a restaurant where I got pasta with meat sauce that I'm guessing would not have thrilled my dieticianvoice-over, but I did limit my portions!
J (voice-over): And then, on day 4, we were back in the gym with Laura.
C: I'm gonna speed walk at 7 miles an hour.
L: Are you serious? (laughs)
J: No. He can't. Can you? That's incredibly impressive. Wow!
C: Yeah.
L: (?)
J: You could be an Olympic speed-walker!
J (voice-over): We jumped right in with a few more metrics that Laura wants to test over the 100 days. The first was a half mile run followed by a heart rate check.
J (voice-over: We both picked a speed; Chris is running at 8 miles per hour, I'm running at 6.5 and we'll stick with those speeds as we test this metric in the future.
J (voice-over): Afterwords we moved onto how long we could hold a plank. For me this was 1 minute 40 seconds, for Chris it was 2 minutes flat.
L: So you guys doing anything fun this weekend?
J: (lets out a tired breath)
L: (laughs)
C: I don't have time to talk.
J (voice-over): And then we did pull-ups. We each did five a piece, but we did have help from these assist bands.
J: Aaaand three quarters.
C: (groan of pain)
L: Alright. We'll go ahead with the five.
C: That was a very weak five.
J: It wasn't a hard five but it was better than my five.
J (voice-over): And then we had our favorite metric: high jumps.
J: Ok, you guys got this? 'Cause if I fall I want it on camera.
(Music to build up tension and sounds of John and Chris landing on the blocks)
J: Barely!
(Music to build up tension and sounds of John and Chris landing on the blocks)
L: Whoap!
(Sounds of all the blocks falling)
L: So....
C: (clapping)
J: I lost my courage but I also didn't have it.
(Music starts up again)
C: That does look high, doesn't it?
J: It's starting to look high. You got it though.
(Sound of Chris landing on the blocks)
J: Easy!
C: I saw JJ Watt does this at, like, six feet.
J: I mean, JJ Watt can do a bunch of things that you can't do.
C: That's true.
J: You know he sleeps for ten hours a day?
C: I can do that.
(Music starts up again)
J: How?
(Sounds of Chris landing on the blocks)
J: That was it.
L: Ok, that was it.
J: That was barely it.
L: (laughing)
C: I'm gonna hit my head.
J (voice-over): Our last metric for the week was wall sits. I sat for 48 seconds, Chris (forever trying to make me look bad) sat for 2 minutes.
J: It looks like you're meditating. It doesn't even look hard.
(Sweet piano music plays in the background)
L: And if you even want to add more intensity to it you can always jump at the top when you lift it up.
J: No need.
L: (laughs)
(Piano music continues playing)
J (voice-over): My God we look majestic on balance balls. Please- let- jump cut!
(Music ends)
J: Ok.
L: So pick your 15 or 12. Ok?
J: Let me see how much this weighs. Yeah, that's good.
L: Why the heavy basketball?
J: There's no need to be a (?) at this point in my career.
J (voice-over): We went from balance balls to medicine balls. At least I look a little less silly here.
J: (noises of pain)
L: Rule of thumb is 220 minus your age. It's your 'max heart rate', so let's talk about that. So you're supposed to be between 70% and 90% of your heart rate max.
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