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John and Chris tackle their first two workouts and learn that this might not be so easy. Let's get started.

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Thanks to So Be Fit and Fire Eye Fitness:

*Please consult your doctors about any concerns you might have before starting your own fitness journey. We are not healthcare professionals :)

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After meeting with all the experts who were gonna be helping us through our healthy mid-life crisis, Chris and I felt about as prepared as we could be for the start of "100 days", which is good... because day 1 had arrived.

But first, we had to take our "before" pictures. This is approximately what we looked like on day 1. 

Before our our afternoon workout with Laura, Chris and I both had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Chris with some vegetables and me with some honeydew melon. I also ate a pre-workout snack of yogurt and granola. So I had a fair amount of food in my stomach, which turned out to be useful because you don't wanna throw up nothing!

So, first, Laura had us try some metrics to test where our fitness level currently stands. Like, she had us do as many perfect push-ups as we could in one minute. I did 21 and Chris did 27. But it is not a competition, which was especially important for me to remember before we measured how close we could come to touching our toes. 

Laura: Ooh!
John: Give me a second!
Laura: Yeah, that yoga is gonna be necessary. 

My distance from toes was 14.5 inches, whereas Chris is too good at this! So we measured his distance from wrist to the floor, which was 4.5 inches.

By this point, I was pretty much ready to call it a day, but according to Laura we hadn't even warmed up yet. So we did mountain climbers, jump squats, high knees and curtsy lunges. If this is going too fast for you, by the way, and you want to try some of these for yourself, don't worry! Check out our "community" tab, which has details on every exercise. 

We were now officially warmed up and moved on to the TRX straps, which don't look like torture devices at all! 

Laura: What I love about these straps is that they can give you a full body workout. They very easily can be changed to harder or easier by just a very slight angle in your body. If it's too hard, all you do is go like that.

John: Okay.

Laura: If it's too easy... I mean, you can go all the way from, like, laying on the ground. 


Laura: Where do you guys feel this mostly?

John: All over.


Laura: I tell everyone to look at something that's not moving, look at one of those little spots on the ground. 

John: But everything is moving...

Laura: (?~2:31)

John: This is nuts. (?~2:36)

Laura: We are gonna do a few partner things, okay? So we're gonna start with partner bands.


Chris: That's hard! That burns!

Laura: Let's do a couple partner abs too. 

Chris: Partner abs?

Laura: Partner abs! Single abs... And then we will be done.


Laura: Awesome. First workout!!

Chris: Good job!


I was pretty tired by the time it was over, but I thought I was gonna be okay. But now, looking back on it, it's pretty clear that this guy is about five minutes away from having to stop his car on the way home and vomit.

Here's a picture of my post-workout turkey wrap, which I photographed instead of my puke. You can find out more about our dietitian's approach to nutrition over at the community tab. But for a little bit of context, here's what I ate on day 1. 

 New Section (3:48)

On the morning of day 2 I headed over to "Fire Eye Fitness", an obstacle course gym in downtown Indianapolis ran by Todd Beattie. I was feeling pretty sore but I had previously agreed to be there so I made it. 

It seemed easy enough when we first walked in. Basically just a playground for grown-ups. And I've always felt like I'd be pretty good at American Ninja Warrior style stuff but it turns out... No!!

Most of what we're doing here is one version or another of interval training: alternating between activities that require different degrees and kinds of effort. And these workouts are great in terms of improving aerobic fitness in a relatively short amount of time. 

John: I can't talk.

Chris: So you're speechless. That's...

John: I can't... You know they say, like, with interval training, like, two minutes at your peak is as good as, like, a 45 minute jog? I... I feel that right now!

Todd: You're constantly shifting gears, all the time, so your mind is so active, that a lot of time you'll forget how hard your body is working. 

Chris: Right.

Todd: So that's why when you go from one end of the room to the other, you get down there and all of a sudden it's like "I just might die at the end of the second time".


Todd gave us a few different variations on the course and by our fourth run through I was not feeling great! 

John: I hate this shot.

Chris: It's a lot harder than yesterday!

John: A lot harder than yesterday!


John: Okay...

Chris: You wanna go first? Paper rock scissors?

John: Yeah. Too doo doo doom! Never give up! Too doo doo doom! Damn it! Oh, I've got one strategy, it's called scissors!

Chris: Here we go.

John: Too doo doo doom! Too doo doo doom! Yes! Scissors!! Too doo doo doom! Damn it!

Chris: You're first.

John: Ahh... Should have gone with scissors!


John: Solid day.

Todd: Good work guys!

Chris and John: Thank you. Thank you so much!

John: That was very difficult and aerobically exhausting, but really fun. Genuinely. 



So on day 2 I learned that things my children do for fun are things that I can barely do at all. And I also learned that Chris and I are both as graceful as eagles in flight when it comes to rolling over logs.

John: Like a f*cking eagle in flight! 

But I did have another good eating day on day 2, including a delicious dinner of a hamburger, cauliflower and asparagus, and then a late night snack of toast and wine because I still had some carbs left and I love me some toast!

So on the whole, feeling good and looking... Mehh.

Thanks for watching. I'll see you on day 3. 


Todd: ...pistols or something like that. So...

John: What's a pistol?

Todd: Pistols... Umm... It's essentially a one legged squat so...

John: Oh... Wow... Oh... Shush your mouth! That's just bragging.