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Everyone has questions about working with brands on YouTube! Carly and Erin started creating content on Vine in 2013, met IRL in 2014, and started a YouTube channel @Carly and Erin shortly after. Rebbeca Bibb from United Talent Agency started reaching out to them around the same time and started a friendship that has gone on for 7 years. Join us for an in-depth conversation about how to work with brands, what to look for in representation, and what you need as a creator to get noticed by talent agencies!
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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Carly and Erin How did you guys meet?
1:45 Carly and Erin - What was that piece of content that went viral for you?
2:30 Rebecca - When do talent agencies take notice of creators?
3:15 Rebecca - What are your goals when you start working with new talent?
5:30 Carly and Erin - Do you remember the first time you were recognized IRL?
7:00 Carly and Erin - How do you keep up the momentum to create content?
8:40 Carly and Erin - How do you stay motivated during quarantine?
10:00 Erin - When did you decide to get representation?
12:30 Carly - How do you bring representation into your team?
16:45 Rebecca - Do reps only gravitate towards viral creators?
17:45 Rebecca - What factors do you look for when signing talent?
19:45 Carly and Erin - Do you know what will perform well or do you have surprises?
22:00 Rebecca - What are the next steps after you sign someone?
23:00 Carly and Erin - What did you look for in an agent?
24:00 Carly and Erin - Red flags you should look for from agents?
26:10 Rebecca - Do I need a specific number of followers before I get representation?
27:00 Rebecca - Should you be on multiple platforms?
28:00 How can you leverage a viral moment and turn it into a career?


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