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1:47 - We're liveā€¦

3:10 - Do you have any suggestions for severe depression treatment other than anti-depressants as I can't take them, I've been looking into omega 3 and vitamin D3 supplements, which are regulated here in the UK?

7:10 - I hear chiropractors and nutritionists talk about "toxins" and "detoxing". Is there any legitimacy to these terms, or are they just used to fear monger people into using a product?

9:32 - Are parabens safe? I'm finding conflicting information on whether or not they could be a contributing factor towards breast cancer.

12-ish - Is their a country that you would like to see the United States healthcare system modeled off of?

15:03 - How do you feel about Direct to Consumer Advertising? How the US & NZ are the only nations to allow prescription drugs to be advertised directly to consumers. Good for the consumer or bad

17:35 - Is umami/MSG actually safe to use in food? I promise to use it in moderation!

19:52 - Is the flu vaccine safe for babies?

21:50 - In a few weeks DST ends (actually at the 25th here), does this give health problems in humans (I mean people getting cranky/overly tired or otherwise feeling crappy)?

23:23 - Are there any benefits to taking probiotics?

24:20 - With the new change in mammography screening guidelines by the American Cancer Society in place, are there any new technologies that have improved sensitivity/specificity such as 3D mammography?

26:37 - Does extreme flexibility i.e. dancer or gymnast, have a long term effect on health? Specifically joint health? Also is there any way to reverse hyperextension in the joints specifically knees?

27:40 - Does wearing compression shorts on a daily basis cause any issues with man parts?

29:02 - What are your thoughts on the rise of non-prescription use of Modafinil, and other nootropics?

29:58 - there's a lot of info out there about how sitting is bad for you? what about the physiological effects of laying? is it as bad as sitting?

31:09 - Is there any health consequences to donating plasma with a high hemoglobin?
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