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Today has been a crazy one. I just realized that I was really close to the camera. I wonder how close I can get. And I have my wide angle lens here, so I can put that over the lens and be like, I'm really close and big! I don't know what that looked like. Oh, wait, it made sense. Um, so yeah.

It's been a crazy day-[chirping sound]- that's my more emails coming in as we speak. Planning events, getting this Scottsdale thing set up, trying to figure out what to do with Seattle, um, it's going to be good whatever it is. Uh, we now have two new options that are really great, so it's possible that we will do both. Um, and it's just a testament to how cool nerdfighteria is that I can do that kinda thing and, like, say on twitter, like I'm having a hard time finding a place in Seattle and then suddenly I will have like 5 different people helping me find something to do in Seattle. So, thank you all for doing so much that. 

And just, uh, I will be mostly working on getting ready to actually leave. I'm going to the new TV live conference in San Francisco, which is a conference for the industry of online video. And I'm going there and I'm going to see some YouTube people and I'm going to see some fan-fancy executives of fancy companies who I will probably think are dumb and don't appreciate online video and, and particularly community-based online video as much as they should. Uh, or even that they are dumb and are completely ignoring you because they don't understand the power of what we are doing here!

So I... I've had-- and there's a bunch of stuff from my video tomorrow. I'm going onto the Trevor's Project, uh, this cool thing going on at the Ning, and a YouTuber who was in a serious car accident, um, a great guy named Chris who's in a collab channel with Bill Makin(?). And, uh, and so we're going to talk about that as well. I just wanted to talk a little bit about that before I headed out to go play games and eat food at my friend's house.

So, um, thank you all and I got a crazy day and there's one other thing that I can't even tell you about, because it's super top secret! And it's been a huge amount of work, but it's really going to be amazing when it comes out into the public knowledge-sphere. So, um, yeah crazy day. Worked my butt off, but it was very productive and very good. I appreciate you all for, uh, being here with me. Talk to you-- you will see me tomorrow on Vlogbrothers. Much more complicated video that has cuts in it and not lots of stumbling. Bye.