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Is that really the title of this video?!?!

During the P4A Livestream, I did my punishment and had it filmed by Matt Gaydos, Maia Ledesma, and Tuna Metesh.

Find Megan Toenyes here:

Thanks to everyone who donated during the P4A and also to those who got the EXTENDED version of this video...only for P4A backers!!

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Good morning, John.  I'm recording my vlogbrothers video right now, doing my punishment.  I have here a shock collar, 'cause I'm gonna do a makeup challenge but also every time we raise $200, I'm gonna get a trivia question asked to me.  If I get the trivia question wrong, then I will get shocked.  

Silvia: Give. Me. That. Buzzer.  

Hank: For quality assurance.  It HURTS.  So providing the trivia for me is Dave, who works on Truth or Fail Trivia.  This is Megan.  

Megan: Yesterday, I posted a photo of last year's makeup.  Katherine was the first person to comment on it and she said "the worst".  Keep bringing me back to fuel your nightmares.  And then I asked if she had an idea for a theme this year.

H: Yeah?

M: And she said, "I don't know, something CUTE"

H: Can I do goth but cute?  

M: Let's do goth but cute.  Two pumps of a kind of a moisturizer.

H: I need that.  It's so dry in this town.

M: It was seven degrees when I woke up this morning.

H: You woke up late.  Alright, I feel good, I feel moist-er.

Dave: The topic of this whole round is things that Hank should know about his companies and employees.

H: Trivia questions about you guys?!  

D: Yes.

H: That makes me very nervous.

D: How many courses of Crash Course have there been?

H: Eighteen.  AAAH.  

M: Put it on in some triangular patterns.

H: Should I--

M: Under your eyes, doing it by feel.

H: Okay.

M: I like that.  

D: This is about Rachel and Sam.  What was the name of the school where they met?

H: I--owww, okay.

M: So we are accentuating our collarbones.  The cheeks are your collarbones of your face.  

D: What was the subject of the first episode of SciShow?

H: Non-newtonian fluids.

D: Yes.


M: Now we're gonna blend.

D: How many of your Missoula employees are graduates of UM.

H: Tuna did?

S&D: Nope.

M: What?

H: AAH.  Is this cute goth?

M: Push it in to the pores of your skin.  That's good.  That's very nice.

D: Which two employees share a birthday?  It was Silvia!  

M: Finish this and then I'll pass it off to you.

H: Apparently you need vaseline to prepare for lipstick.  You can't just put lipstick on, you gotta prep!  How much should I put on, a lot?

M: Just how much feels nice.

H: How do you put stuff on your eyelids?  

M: Ooh, ooh.

D: Alright, Hank.

H: Yeah?

D: There are six podcasts, at least, that are recorded in this building.

H: Uh-huh.

D: Name four of them.

H: What's your podcast called?  

M: What's more than like?

H: I love it!  

D: I think you just gotta shock him.

H: AHH.  

(?~2:12): It's me, I hope it hurt.

M: From your jawline towards the end of your eyebrows and then you make a straight line from here to there.

H: Oh, okay.  Is that cute?  

M: You're doing it.  He's doing it.  

H: Oh wow.  I put too much on.  

D: At least four of your employees were making YouTube videos before coming to work for you.

H: Maya, Nicole, Stefan--

D: Nope, not obvious.

H: Oh hey, Matt.  Ooh, this is bad.  I did a bad job.  

M: So then you just kinda...

H: Oh boy.  Got new respect.  New respect.  I just blinked right into it.

D: Which of your employees was in beauty pageants as a child?

H: What?  I'm gonna guess Julie.  Ahh!  Now I'm gonna put on mascara, which I do not know how to do.  

Silvia: Someone donate very fast so we can ask during mascara please.

D: Who is the tallest of your employees?

H: I don't know.  I don't see height.

M: Hank trying to figure out liquid lipstick is life.  Doesn't lipstick just make you go, wow, I've got lips.  

?: I'm surprised you're not (?~3:10)

H: I feel like I look good.

M: Is Katherine gonna think this is cute?

H: Mmm, I think probably not.  

M: Now that you think about it?

H: Donate!  So I can get shocked more!

S: What is the first time that you and John were in a vlogbrothers video together?

H: Were we in the Dominican Republic?

S: Yeaah!

M: Now you've gotta do your star.

H: I just did an anarchy symbol, is that okay?  Anarchy's cute.  

S: So a league is equivalent to how many nautical miles at sea, Hank?  

H: 12.  Gaaah.  

M: Your teeth has some lipstick on it.  

H: Okay.

M: You're gonna go like this.  

H: Oh my God, it has a lot of lipstick on it!  Hey there, boys and girls.  

S: I didn't know the last time I was shocking Hank, it was gonna be the last time.

M: Alright, we've gotta get a glam shot.

H: Okay.  What am I serving?

?: Tacos.

?: Oh my gosh.

H: Thanks to Megan for helping out, links to all of her stuff are in the description, and thank you to everyone for making this another amazing Project for Awesome.  John, I'll see you on Tuesday.