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Turbo Dismount, Part 1: Today Hank Green plays Turbo Dismount! This game is a ton of fun.
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Game Played:
Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank.  Today I'm going to be playing Turbo Dismount, which I've never played before, but I've seen played many times and it looks like fun.  So, I hopefully will be able to figure out how to play it enough that you will think it's entertaining.

Hank: Jeff!

Hank: I'm gonna try to do the loop de loop here.  I'm sure that I'm not the only person who's ever loop de looped on Turbo Dismount on YouTube, but Games with Hank is the first loop de loop of all time.

Hank: And yeah, let's go ahead and use this- this truck thing.  Let's see, I don't know what's going to happen.  

Hank: What's gonna- are you gonna do it?  You gonna chill?  You gonna chill your way right around this loop de loop?  Yeah you are!  Good job!  You're fine!  (Unintelligible)  (Splat)  And you- really didn't even hurt yourself that bad, did you.

Hank: Let's get a better vehicle for this.  What would be more fun.  Let's try a motorcycle.  Full speed!  Ooooooh, well you don't wanna go full speed on a motorcycle is what we just learned.  That didn't turn out well.

Hank: So I revved too hard and I'm comin' up - here I go - and then I hit, yeah, the back falls off and then I pop right over and then I break my legs and my pelvis and then the motorcycle hits me on the leg, but I'm ok.

Hank: Alright let's not go quite so fast this time.  Yeah that's good.  Good, good, you almost lost it there.  Oh, well done!  Except for the end!  That turned out poorly.

Hank: Let's just put a quarter-pipe right there.  Let's try a skateboard.  We're gonna have to have a lot of boosts though, so let's add some boosts and some boosts and some boosts.  Is there another place to add- ok.

Hank: Alright this is gonna be- that's close enough.  Let's see if you can do this buddy.

Hank: You're- you're powerful- you're boosted!  Look how fast you're going!  You're going 80 kilometers per hour on a skateboooaaaaard YES!!  Yes!  You were amazing!  All your parts stayed attached to you.  You're fine!

Hank: I like his little butt.  I like his little butt.  That's a nice little butt.  He's got a nice little butt.  I mean, you know that's ok for me to think, right?

Hank: Let's try another level.  "Space Program", I haven't tried playing that one yet.  Ooooh, my goodness.  Let's go ahead and use the wedge here.  It's fast.  Go go!  Yeah, go keep going!  You can do it!  You can do it- you can't oh goodness this is gonna turn out bad.  Oh your arm fell off!  Awwh!  Ooohh.  Awwh, god.  Space is not for you, is what we've learned.

Hank: Ok, so we can add things.  We can add obstacles.  So we go here and we can put one of these and we go here and we can put one of these and we go here and we can put one of these.  Alright let's hope that- let's hope that carries us through.  Oh that was a good one- that was good speed!  Ohh yeah!  Boosted it!  Yeah, take just gooooooo yeah you're gonna do it yeaaaaaaah I'm in outer space!  Wheeeeeeeee I'm not in the car anymooooore!

Hank:That's a- that was a successful run.  Ahh-!  Thank you for watching Games with Hank.  Hope that was enjoyable.  DFTBA.