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In which John shares some of his early writing, including a poem called "Bio Poem" that is well and truly humiliating in its lack of quality. I also discover and share many items from my past, including my old report cards and some Brotherhood 2.0 memorabilia. Also, I celebrate some good news: The Fault in Our Stars has been named one of the ten best books of 2012 by the editors at Amazon:

Check out the de Grummond Collection on Facebook:

(And yes, this means that any interested researchers will be able to go to the collection and look through dozens of different drafts of each of my novels, read the editorial correspondence between Julie and me, etc. The de Grummond Collection is an amazing resource, and I feel very lucky that my work will be part of it.)


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A Bunny
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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. Why is this fella, given to me by a nerdfighter in Germany, doing his happy dance? Because just named The Fault in Our Stars one of the ten best books of 2012, I don't mean books for teenagers, I mean, overall books, like I'm right behind Dave Eggers and inexplicably ahead of Juno Diaz.

So, Hank, as a novelist, I really believe in the power of the precisely chosen word, so all I can say about this news is shmergaberg.

In other news, hold on, I have to change shirts, I'm feeling anxious without my collar. That's better. So, Hank, over the last few days, the Yeti and I have been on an organizational binge, and this has allowed me to come across all kinds of things I haven't seen in years, like this Venn diagram from Brotherhood 2.0 and also much of my early work, like The Best New Years Resolution Ever Happy New Year Streamers. I found this printed EcoGeek business cards from back of January of 2007. I also found books that other people have written, like Q and the Three Tubs of Vaseline which really does not make sense unless you've read Paper Towns. and Debbie Kitto's Pants Power and his Power Pants. I found old high school literary journals, featuring a story by me in which the main character dies, a story by me in which the grandfather dies, and a story by me in which the main character dies. And I found a book about Me and My Fun Times. Here is a picture of me traveling in a spaceship. It's also a picture of a man with no torso who's been imprisoned in a triangle.

I also found lots and lots of report cards.
'Incredible potential as an English student, but he's reached a juncture where he just can't mail it in anymore.'
'It is safe to say that John underachieved this year. If he takes French 3 next year, he will need to take much greater care in his daily preparations.'
'John went into a tailspin in this course during the last six weeks.'
'While John has a wonderful capacity to convey empathy for people in the past, her analyzing of historical writings has room for improvement'. Well, I think that your pronoun use has room for improvement!
This is essentially what my report cards look like all the way back to like, elementary school. Then, I came across this one from third grade and I was really excited because I got all As, yeah, it's Hank Green's report card. Dang it!

But that's not nearly as embarrassing as My Book of Peaceful and Amusing Poems. I don't know when I wrote this, Hank, but uh, here is my biographical poem, I'm gonna say that I was like, eight, in my defense. So this is called 'Bio Poem'.
Lover of Peace, Hope, and Jennifer.

Oh, it must have been, uh, fourth grade, because that's when I dated Jennifer Keane. So. I guess I was older. That's, boy. (sigh) I was ten. Oh, God.
Who believed that world peace could someday be.
Who wanted good grades, high moral standards, and world peace,

(in case I have not already mentioned that)
Who used his money, his love, and his writing,
Who gave his money, his love, and everything he had,
Who said 'visualize world peace'
It could happen.

I don't know why the first line of the poem is my first name and the last line of the poem is my last name, but I'm worried that it's because I wanted the middle of the poem to be my nickname, you know, like, Sunny "Night Train" Liston or Ricardo "The Bunsen" Berna. I think I might have wanted to be known as John Nice-Peaceful-Visionary-Joyous-Lover-of-Peace-Hope-and-Jennifer-Who-Believed-That-World-Peace-Could-Someday-Be-Who-Wanted-Good-Grades-High-Moral-Standards-and-World-Peace-Who-Used-His-Money-His-Love-And-His-Writing-Who-Gave-His-Money-His-Love-And-Everything-He-Had-Who-Said-Visualize-World-Peace-Could-Happen Green.

So, Hank, the reason the Yeti and I have been going through this stuff is that I'm donating all the drafts of my books along with correspondence with my editor Julie Strauss-Gabel, to the de Grummond Children's Library at the University of Southern Mississippi, which means that all the manuscripts will be archived there forever, which is awesome partly because it means I will be sharing a room with the manuscripts of like, A Wrinkle in Time, Peter Rabbit, they have like thousands of famous manuscripts, but I am greatly honored that the de Grummond collection is including my work in their library, I'm so psyched! Hank, DFTBA, nerdfighters, I will see you on Fri--I did that wrong, it's nerdfighters, DFTBA, everybody DFTBA, and then, Hank, I will only see you on Friday, nerdfighters, I will see you in comments.