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Don't Starve, part 1: Today Hank Green plays an awesome game! Join him on this adventure where the main goal is to... NOT STARVE!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank, and this is games with me.

Today, we're going to be playing a favorite of some people's, Don't Starve, which is a crafting adventure-survival game with a very Edward Gorey art style to it that I just love.

Well, we're going to enter the world of Don't Starve right now. (beep)

Let's start. Start an entirely new game. Here we are. Generating a world. Reticulating. Reticulating? That's a ... that's a Maxis reference. That's a Maxis reference! Oh God, so good. Reticulating splines. Are we gonna have llamas, too?

All right. Here I am! There's this man. 'Hey, pal, you don't look so good.' That's what he sounds like. (mumbling) 'You'd better find something to eat before the night comes.' Bahhh!

Goodbye, Jeff! I spat on myself. I'm gonna eat this ... I'm gonna ... eat it, eat it, eat it! Pick sapling. Uh, okay, pick grass. How do you make things? Do I already have ... do I already have tools of any kind? I have no tools. I have no tools.

I don't wanna jump in the wormhole at all. (singing) I don't wanna jump in the wormhole.

I hear a bee. There's a bee. Oh, all right! Excellent. That is good news, that I have already found those guys, but I would really like to find some a-food of some a-kind, and also ... oh, don't accidentally ... don't accidentally attack those things cause they will kill you hard.

All right, there's a path here. I'm just gonna follow the path. Gonna follow the path hoping that, at the end of the path, there will be... food!

All right, let's ... I feel like I go slightly faster on the path. I don't think I'm making that up. Oh, found an edge. Examine me. It's buzzing with activity. Okay, but apparently I can't eat that. I would think that you could eat it.

Oh, that looks like food! Uh, I'm gonna die if I don't figure out how to chop down trees. So, there's some flint, that's not bad. Not sure what that does ... oh, berries! Thank you. What's that? Oh, a puffy vest. That's excellent news.

This game has updated quite a bit since I ... since I last played. Yes, thank you. Pickin' a carrot. Pickin' a carrot. Pick up flint. Pick up seeds. Seeds are good. All right, I'm gonna pick some saplings. I don't know why. Can I ... it's all piney. I can't ... I can't do anything to it, though.

Oh, what about ... I got some twigs. I need ... how do you make an axe? Oh. BAM! Like that! Like that's how you make an axe. Chop down this tree! Well, he can't be Jeff because he was already talking to Jeff. Oh, yeah, pine cones and logs. Oh, yeah, that's good. You ... your turn. Your turn to get chopped down. Oh, wow, this is ... this is hard work, man, I'm tired.

How much time do I have left in the day? I'm not even halfway done with the day. Yeah. Pick it up! Okay, good, I'm so glad ... all right, yeah, chop it! Chop it! Okay. Dodo do dodo do do do do.

Oh, wow, so much log. Good, berry bushes. Feel like I should ... what else? Pickaxe? I need more rocks. I need more rocks before I can make myself a pickaxe. Pick carrot. Pick carrot. All right, I also need to build a fire. I need rocks for a fire pit, but I need more flint so I can build a pickaxe before I can get that rocks.

No, it won't! We got plenty of time. Oh, God, I ran out of ... oh, geez, this scary. I don't like it when there is death around the corner. Lead to the Kingdom of Bunnymen. That's adorable. What is your name? Jeremiah? Jeremiah's a nice name. Thank you. Thank you. Excellent. Oh, more carrots? Carrots are important to the survival of Jeremiah Worthington.

The story of Don't Starve is that you have just been dropped down into the middle of ... woah, that doesn't look good ... in the middle of some peculiar land, and I have to just keep exploring because that's important. Um ... some peculiar land in which nothing makes sense. There are different habitats and biomes, with different people. Different people, different characters, different things.

This does ... this does not look good. I don't want to go to Purple Land. I know nothing about Purple Land. I don't know where Purple Land goes or what it does, but I don't like it. There's more Purple Land. It looks super creepy that there's monsters there, and I don't like monsters.

But maybe they're nice monsters. I don't know, but I don't wanna find out. Well, here I am in just a little bit of Purple Land. Um ... I don't know anything about Purple ...  what is that say? Examine the Plugged Sinkhole. Oh, geez, that's a terrifying noise. Okay, let's build a fire.

Hey, a fire! Okay. So, I'm just gonna keep exploring while I can. Okay. Chop chop chop chop chop chop. You didn't have very much to you. Pick sapling. Pick sapling. Pick sapling.

And then .. how much ... I don't have very much time at all until ... until the dark comes. It's very soon. The dark is coming very soon. And by the way, when the dark comes, you basically die, as far as I can tell. So, let's run to the fire. Excellent and the dark is here. And I think I can just keep throwing logs on that fire.

Oh, I don't want all of them. It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. Everyone knows that ... oh, I can make a torch! Um ... can I just do that? Okay, good, I can.

Alright! Now we're in the night time. I can actually chop this tree down because it's inside of my sphere of influence but if I don't... If I leave the sphere of influence I think I pretty much instantly die. Um... I don't know for sure.

But the night time in Don't Starve is a time to ponder. A time to think about your lot in life. And about how you've just arrived, in a kingdom of nowhere... I should eat this, yeah! Eat, eat carrots! Yeah that's... why does that make me more?

There's, okay. There's also some metrics here, my hunger is also important. Um, you don't want to starve, cuz that's the name of the game. My, um, my sanity here. And I don't know what this is, my heart. Earth, wind, fire, water, heart. And uh, certain things make you go more or less insane. Uh, woah, my fire's dying down a little bit there.

Uh and they uhh, obviously eating improves your hunger, uhh, makes you less hungry, less likely to starve. And I'm not sure what this is. I guess that's just health, I guess. For when you get attacked by something else. Get attacked by something. Something else? Something. Just anything. Aw,  Heyyy it's daytime!

Okay, let's go back to where, I guess we should go back to where we came from. No, pick spiky bush. Oh maybe that's... Owwww. Okay well that hurt, yeah I got, that hurt me.

Are these gonna be spiky logs that I get from this thing. Pick up log. Not so spiky now, are you tree! Okay. I don't really know anything about the sp... the spike land. Um, I got, I don't wann Ow!, I did not mean Owww ahhh tentacle monster!

Reeds, that sounds important. Well that was a very small amount. Can I make a pickaxe? I bet I can make a pickaxe now. Thank you, excellent, now I have a pickaxe. And it's raining on me so hopefully that's not going to hurt me, I don't know why it would. What is that? Evil flower? Does that make me more insane? I think I'm just getting slowly insane, just by... Also what just ran up to me there? That was weird.

Is this... where am I going? Okay yes, I've been here before. This is where I meant to go everyone, success! That's what I meant to do. Yeah you go way faster when you're on a path. Alright, headed down this way.

Is that an evil flower? Yeah it's an evil flower. I don't know why, it just is, don't worry about it. That looks like a spider lives there, so let's avoid it. Whoaaaa. What is that? Pick up crank thing? That sounds awesome! Yeah I'm gonna take that crank thing. I don't think I want the evil flowers, though, they seem awfully evil. Oh, saving, I didn't even know that happened. Thanks for saving for me, Mr. Game.

Okay, so all of the things that you need to survive in Don't Starve spawn automatically for you, but you only have so many pockets that you can hold things in. I got myself a puffy vest, which is excellent news, 'cause eventually in Don't Starve the winter does come, and it does matter.

That's a pig man. They can work for you or against you, but they are neutral, they don't want to attack you if you don't attack them. This is quite a pig man town that I've found. That's excellent.

No, don't attack it. Do not do it. That would be a bad thing to do. Aw man. Well the pig man town is on the-- whoaaaa. Walk to pig king. Yeah he smells. That's a crazy looking rock, with the pig king. That's a little one. Yeah, that is more of a pyramid than an obelisk, I completely agree with you then.

Blue mushroom doesn't sound good, I don't think I want to eat that. Well now we're in the forest for reals. Okay, let's look at the map. What have we found? We found a little peninsula. Um, really? It's a peninsula. I can't believe that.

Well that's a dead end with a bunch of pigs on it.

Uh oh, gettin' dark again. I wonder if you could move that rock. Oh I didn't mean to do that. Uh. Equipped. Oh yeah. Thank you, excellent. Spelunk sinkhole? I can spelunk it. I don't think I want to do that though.

Ooh hello there. Activate touchstone? Yeah! I think that means that if I die, I get to come back. It's all piney. Examine. What an odd looking stone. I think; maybe you have to do more than that. I did not find a lot of food today, which is not good.

What aaaaah spider. I don't want a spider. I don't like spiders. I want food. I want things that are made of food. Like food. I'm gonna starve, and that's the whole-- the one thing that I was told not to do. This is a nice biome, I like it.

Oh gosh, it's getting very dark now. Fire. Light a campfire. What's happening? Are you serious? Light the campfire. Did I do it? Now do it right here. Oh my gooooood that was scary. Why why did... why couldn't you light the campfire, Jeremiah? I bet he has an actual name and I've forgotten it. That's just not nice of me.

Well that's what happens in Don't Starve when you don't light a fire. I so almost died. I am so close to dead. I have no idea how to get that health back either. I have 12 health. Wow, that is not good. That is not good at all. Okay, how do you get health back in Don't Starve? That's what we're going to find out next time on Games With Hank.

Thanks for watching. And DFTBA.