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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared by ThisIsItCollective


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YouTubers React #10 - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
[Intro music plays]

Don't hug me I'm scared! 

Is there supposed to be no sound?

Get creative.

Oh I have seen this. 

That's cute.

It's British! It's a British notepad. 

I'm about to throw up rainbows. 

I love this guy, by the way. 

Is this like an American TV show that I've never heard about? 

This is better than Sesame Street. 

Hey this is funky. Yeah! 

This went viral? 

I'm waiting for this to get disturbing. 

That says "tome." 


He worked hard on that.

What? Poor clown. 

Who does this? Who makes this, what's the point? 

That's right.

Is this a, like, just, like, British Sesame Street that I'm watching right now? 

It's a kid's show, right? 
It's a kid's show on YouTube. 

If we're supposed to be learning something I haven't learned anything yet.

Oh my gosh, 3-D?

This is a lot more normal than how I write my videos. 

I feel like it's gonna happen any moment. 

D. Whoa!

Whoa! What the hell? 

This is falling apart quickly.

I'm so confused. I don't know what's happening. 

I really don't like this. This makes me really uncomfortable.


What? No! No! 



Oh my god!

What the [F-word bleep] is going on?

I have no words. 

I had not seen that video. Now I have. 

[Intro music] 

So what's the first word that comes to mind after experiencing that? 








The [f-word bleep]? 

Taliban, and I don't know why.

But what is the story of this video? 

So I guess, uh, there are three people at the table, and a singing notepad, and they're hanging out, having fun.

And then it has the table members who were attempting to be creative. Things transformed into gore and and hearts. 

Cakes made of dead body parts and I don't like it at all. 

It got very dark very quickly.

The [s-word bleep] hit the fan. It was like that scene in Trainspotting where the guy comes out of the girlfriend's bedroom with the bed sheet. 

People got too creative and carried away. They just became crazy, like any other creative person on the planet. 

They took creativity to a whole new level that I have never seen before in my life. And I don't know if I like it. 

Can you walk us through how you felt, like, at first while watching this and then when it took a turn? 

I was bored, and then I was more bored.

At first I thought, "What are the Fine brothers thinking? Why am I watching this Sesame Street thing?" 

I had no idea what the hell I was watching, then I didn't want to watch it anymore. 

I knew after about a minute of it being normal that something messed up was gonna happen.

You just know that on the internet, if it starts out nice and fuzzy and warm, something's gonna die. 

It kind of seemed like a happy show, with happy things. 
I thought it was a kids show, but knowing the Fine bros. I knew there was going to be some weird twist. 

I got really happy and then I got really scared. 
I would say that I was happy and then I was turned on. 

Well, I thought I was watching a nice little Sesame Street-ish type video. And then they started the hearts and bleeding and blood and knives. 

It's like walking in-
Hold on.
-on Big Bird using the restroom. Like you don't want to see that.
You know no one wants to see that happen. You know he does go to the bathroom.
Snuffaluffagus, you don't have a stack of porn

Did you like it?

Sure. Yeah

I enjoyed it

I liked the beginning part

Yeah you know there's something kind of entertaining about it.

It doesn't make any sense, but I thought it was cool.

Might come back to me in my dreams but I enjoyed it

No it creeped me out. I was uncomfortable. I can't- I know I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight

I wouldn't show it to my kids

I value some of the I don't like it

I like the video because I think it is creative um but I also just like it didn't shock me like maybe it was supposed to just because my head is way more [F-word bleep]ed up than that

People get really freaked out watching this. Why do you think it freaks people out?

It just seemed weird. Like something was just not right.

Puppets make people uncomfortable. They make me uncomfortable. 

I think it was creepy
I think it was the music in the background "la la la la la let's just all play along"

Usually the word death smeared anywhere
Freaks people out
I don't know why

It starts to break down the way that you're afraid you may break down someday

All of your favorite characters that you invested your whole minute into in the beginning. Then they just become tripping, and then you're questioning yourself am I tripping right now?

You expect the kids format to just be you know very, very friendly and fun and that's how they started it and the music and blah blah blah and then all of a sudden people are eating cake hearts

I think people are expecting it to be some happy, fun kid thing and then there's blood everywhere. But that's life. That's what my childhood was.

Do you think there's a deeper meaning here?


No. They're just trying to troll people

I think they just wanted to scare children

Don't do drugs?

If you're into some weird things, perhaps creativity is not always the best route

Without creativity, we have absolute murder and chaos-
Yeah, yeah
And- and dancing

Creativity doesn't necessarily have to be happy. There are plenty of horror movie directors, there's Wes Craven um he's creative but not necessarily in a bright and happy sense

Be creative kids but don't do this type of creative stuff, do the happy creative stuff. I think that they would put that kid into like a mental asylum if he did that kind of stuff
Yeah he'd definitely go home for at least a couple of days

What do you think kids would do if they saw this?


They would grow up to be axe murderers?

Laugh awkwardly like myself and then they'd be like I don't get it. Should I be creative? Should I not?

Kids are so weird these days man-
That they'd probably be one hundred percent on board.
They do that stuff with Spongebob
They probably know every single- yeah they do weird (s-word bleep) on Spongebob
Yeah they do

It would have no effect on them. Kids are so jaded now, are you kidding me? The whole time kids would be waiting for (s-word bleep) to get crazy and then when it did get crazy they'd be like "finally!"

I don't know. You though are in a unique position to answer that question

So the title of this video is "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared"


Yeah I didn't-
I didn't get that bit

What would you have titled the video?

Don't watch me, I suck

Don't watch me, I'm frightening

I'm scared because that's what I am after watching

Three happy friends 

Therapy for the next four years

A look inside of Sesame Street, inside literally

I think its a perfect title. I think afterwards, that's exactly what people will be saying. Nononono don't hug me. I'm scared.

Finally, would you want to collab with the creators of this?


I think I'll collab with them by enjoying their stuff from- from the chair

I would but I think a lot of people will question my decision

I would love to, yeah. I love their freaky style

Totally. Why not?

As long as he doesn't use my organs for those- those scenes

I wouldn't seeing Jack in one of those suits. I'd be- that'd be right fairly amusing

Put me in a yellow stocking suit and make me dance around. I'm into it.

If they're willing to do something (f-word bleep)ed for the whole three minutes. Not just ten seconds. 

Probably. You creepy, creepy- was it you guys?

YouTubers react is over.
For now.

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