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In which John discusses the winning charities of the 2015 Project for Awesome, which raised more than $1,500,000. Also discussed: His favorite New Years card of all time, and the future of vlogbrothers.

A playlist featuring videos about all the winning charities:

These organizations will each receive a $25,000 grant:
Against Malaria Foundation:
The Harry Potter Alliance:
This Star Won't Go Out:
Liberty in North Korea:
She's the First:
Planned Parenthood:
Action against Hunger:

These organizations will receive smaller grants (but still over 10k!)

Lava Mae:
Doctors without Borders:
The Malala Fund:
Direct Relief:
Not Forgotten:
Great Ormond Street Hospital:
Soap Aid:
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:
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Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday. Today's video is like Plato's understanding of the human soul - it comes to you in three parts.

Part 1: The small matter of giving away more than a million dollars. So, Hank, the 2015 Project for Awesome raised more than 1.5 million dollars total. We don't know the final shipping costs for the perks yet, so I can't give out final numbers, but today, I do get to announce the winning charities! Hank, I don't even know how to communicate my excitement about how well the Project for Awesome went this year, except to say that I am like, Cheez Doodles guy excited about it.

Cheez Doodles guy: Yaaaah! YAAAAAAH! YAAAAAAAAAAH!

John: God, I love Cheez Doodles guy. So, Hank, during the first half of the Project for Awesome, we raised more than a million dollars with the help of some matching donors to be split between Save the Children and the UN's Refugee Agency. And then all the money raised during the second half of the Project for Awesome goes to charities chosen by the Nerdfighter community via voting at So the following ten charities got the most votes and will each receive $25,000 grants.

NaNoWriMo, which encourages creative writing and gives writing resources to schools and libraries.

The Against Malaria Foundation.

The Harry Potter Alliance
, which turns fandoms toward activism.

This Star Won't Go Out, which provides direct support to families who have a kid with cancer or another series illness.

Liberty in North Korea, which assists North Korean refugees and fights to expose the human rights abuses there. which provides sustainable, clean water solutions to people around the world.

She's the First, which provides educational opportunities to girls in the developing world.

Planned Parenthood, which provides healthcare to women in the United States.

And Action Against Hunger, which works to end hunger and malnutrition worldwide.

And then, Hank, the next ten most voted charities will receive smaller grants, but still more than $10,000. Those include Lava Mae, Doctors Without Borders, The Malala Fund, UPLIFT, Direct Relief, Not Forgotten, the Great Ormond Street Children HospitalSoap Aid, charity:water, and The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

So that's where all the money is going, thank you for donating. Again, all the charities were decided by your votes at, so thanks for voting. Also, you can find more info about the charities in the dooblydoo below, including a playlist with Project for Awesome videos about each of them.

Part 2: Hank, our mom's artist friend Connie Bostic has made the greatest New Year's card of all time, and I wanted to share it with you. It's called "We Must Live in Joy Through the Sorrows of this World". No real story there, just a great New Year's card.

Part 3: Hank, as this is my final Vlogbrothers video of 2015, I must ask Nerdfighteria four very important questions to be addressed in the comments below. 1) What would you like to see more and/or less of on Vlogbrothers next year? 2) Should the rules change? 3) Should the schedule change? and 4) Are you seriously going to punish me because my video about refugee camps in Ethiopia was longer than four minutes, you horrible hideous monsters? I tried really hard to frame that question in a non-partisan way, I think I pulled it off.

Hank, I'm off to go play FIFA as the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys, you can find that over on, where Hank doesn't play games. Happy New Year, Hank! I will see you on Friday.