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After 47 episodes, Hank still can't really say "epithelial."


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CC Kids:
It lives under your diaphragm, and, fun fact, I can actually fully regenerate my liver after an injury or surgery. (Laughing offscreen)
Not you though, just me. (Hank laughs). Offscreen female: It's your super power. Offscreen male: Liver Man! 

(Theme music)

Shoved some pood. Pood? (laugh)

Along interneurons and toward the brain.. eh

If you just thought (rambles off)

It's an organ that nonally... (rambles off) only the lonely.

The, uh (gibberish)

As long as we're the (gibberish)

Dil...gahhh lalala

And since caffeine and alcohol inhibit (gibberish) (off-screen laugh)

If we pop sh-pop (gibberish) Offscreen Male: Road! (laughter)

(more gibberish) I could be a really good freestyle rapper. (offscreen: Sure!) That's what they do, right? They just go... (gibberish)...your face looks bad! Ha! (raspberry) (gibberish) 

But even the stuff that my body does hold onto doesn't last forever. Nothing lasts forever. We're all gonna die. (offscreen: This week on dear Hank and John) (laughter)

And another layer of cuboidal epitheli--ehhh. Epithelial! (offscreen: oh, oh, here we go) (groans)

Not only that, but the whole deal is lined with epithel-- epithelial (offscreen: oh god)

Not only that, but the whole deal is lined with epithelial tissue that's-- ahhhh, epithelial.

Not only that, but the whole deal is lined with epithel-- (laughter)

Not only that, but the whole deal is lined with epithel-- (exhales) I can't do it! (laughter) Epithelial. 

Where they can travel pretty much anywhere in your body (holding in laughter) and be used to do things - like keep you alive. (offscreen: it was good. I think we can do it again) But I did "epithelial" so well! (offscreen: I didn't even notice) Once I did "epithelial," I was like "I have to get it this time!" 

The stretch that runs from your mouth to your stomach unleashes all the mechanical and chemical prowers-- (rambles off)

Now you probably know that your kidneys are filters, and you may imagine them as sieves that strain out the bad stuff, leaving it sitting there like a hairball at the bottom of a-- (rambles off) (coughs)

And officially become an-- (flaps tongue) 

As your bladder fills up, impulses triggered by stretch receptors head to the pons and-- (cuts off) Haaah!

So food doesn't get directed down your espophagus and not up in (cuts off) Oh! So food does! Does get. Doesn't-- (sarcastically) You wouldn't want food in your esophagus, that'd be crazy! 

And we've covered it extensively in crash-- (chokes on words) 

Not sure why that helps with fighting or flighting! (imitates vomiting) And if like-- Oh, man! God! I guess-- I think I'm done with you. I am no longer interested in this fight. 

And the nucleotides. That's kinda-- the end there wasn't super good. Nucleot-- (imitates a robot shutting down)

Because a-- (rambles off) 

Other higher brain centers that give you the (exaggerates enunciation) conscious feeling that you have to be. (gasps) One more!

Other higher brain centers that gi-- (offscreen: Two more.)

And if your body senses an imbalance in blood sugar (pause) levels. (laughter)

Those molecules can then be processed and be used in the process that makes ATP or they might go on to-- (stutters) (rambles off)

The mucosa, the "sub-mucosta" (cuts off) "mucsosta." Why does my tongue do things I don't tell it to do? I don't understand. 

Releasing essential B and K vitamins and some short-chain fatty acids as long as the (rambles off)

It's other major duty is to regulate the-- (cuts off) Major duty. (laughter)

It's other major duty is to-- (laughter)

Local and neural hormone-- (laughter) It was falling apart. I was trying to hold it together but I-- I did not.

Which binds to all the newly-minted receptors and tells the placenta to-- (stutters) Release the prosta-glandids!

And progestine to-- (grumbles) We're gonna do it. We're gonna do it. (offscreen: You're so close to the microphone, I believe you.) (laughter) 

So once the chyme has worked through your small intestine and passed through the ill-e-a-si-ca-zle valve and into the kee-kim and a part of the large intestine, congratulations! Poopy!

Everything in your body is controlled by peristalsis. It's pretty cool. It's weird to think of-- of it happening, all the time. And your body just like-- your body milking your poo, and milking your urine, and milking your blood, and just like-- (gross sounds) ehh!
All the time! You never feel it. You never feel it, but it's always happening.