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hey guys it's me popping in for a little impromptu uh post-Thanksgiving Video. I got some down time I'm down here in the South uh with family for Thanksgiving. and obviously yesterday I talked at dinner about all the stuff I was thankful for most of which uh takes place off of social media, but I did want to genuinely say that I am so thankful for social media, and specifically YouTube and even more specifically the community that we have here at TFD. I feel like we often only talk about social media in terms of the negatives, and we don't often acknowledge like the extent to which it allows us to build community outside of the people who just happen to be around us, which let's be honest aren't always sending their best. But like people ask me all the time do people come up to me IRL and they do quite a lot and most of the time it's to share some like amazing financial accomplishment that they had in part because of this community. so, at the risk of Being Cheesy I'm extremely grateful for this and I hope you guys are having a nice holiday