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A question for BP. It doesn't seem like anything really unusual was happening on the deepwater horizon. But this disaster still happened, and there's no way to fix it. Can deepwater oil drilling really be safe? Ever?
Hi, my name is Hank Green; I'm the chief editor of, and I'm also half of a prominent channel here on YouTube. In the last few months, I've done my best to become fairly well-versed in the extremely, extremely complicated topic of offshore deep-water oil drilling. And as I have built a relatively small amount of expertise in this topic, I've kind of come to the conclusion that nothing out of the ordinary really was being done on the Deepwater Horizon. Like, nothing extra-dangerous. Nothing that hadn't been done before. But instead, this disaster happened because deepwater oil drilling is just really dangerous. And stuff can go wrong! And when things go wrong, especially when multiple things go wrong, as they sometimes do, there are just no contingency plans! My question to you is, Do you think that this could have happened to any company, at any offshore oil exploratory rig, or was there something unusual going on here? And most importantly, what I want to know is, Do you think that deepwater offshore oil drilling can ever, really be safe. And when I say safe, I mean for your workers, and I mean for the environment. Because to me, it seems like it can't. Thank you for your time.