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In which we talk about new Patreon perks, upcoming courses, the Crash Course App, and our survey. Please fill out our survey. Please do that right now. Thanks.

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Hi, I’m Hank green.

And I’m John Green. It’s been a while since we last checked in with you all, so we wanted to give you an update on what’s new with Crash Course.

First, we’ve made some changes to our Patreon! Head to to check out the sweet benefits we’re currently offering. When you become a member, you immediately get access to every post we’ve ever made that’s available at that tier, which at this point is quite a lot.

Seriously, there are over a thousand patron-only posts you could potentially unlock, including livestreams, outtakes, digital calendars, and much more. By becoming a member, you’re joining a community of people who value making high-quality educational content available to everyone for free, and we are very grateful for that. The community on Patreon is really special, and we love having you along for the ride.

Thank you. As for channel updates, we are currently uploading three videos a week: European History, Business, and AI, which just launched and features Jabril Ashe and John Green Bot. Who according to a recent poll is the world’s most handsome robot. (The poll went to one person.

I polled myself. I am a big fan of John Green Bot.) Business Soft Skills was a super helpful series with Evelyn from the Internets, covering things like negotiation, time management, setting goals, and basically all the things that make us better at being in the workforce. The next part of our business series is about entrepreneurship and how to start your own business, hosted by Anna Akana someone who knows quite a bit about that.

Our on-deck series are Geography, which will likely include both physical and human geography, and Organic Chemistry. I know O Chem can be a difficult ride, I remember, so hopefully this series will help you out, maybe you, and show you how cool Organic Chemistry can be. We’re also really excited to bring you more mini series, including one about linguistics!

And in 2020, we’re adding another dimension to Crash Course with an app! It will launch with flashcards to go along with our anatomy and physiology series, and over time we’re hoping to add more features and functionality. And as we continue to grow, and do new things, your input means a lot to us.

Hearing from our viewers helps us make decisions about this channel, so we put together a survey to learn more about you and how we can make Crash Course as useful to you as possible. It would really help us out if you would take a few minutes to fill out the survey. The link is in the description.

Thanks for watching and learning with us. And as they say in our hometown, don’t forget to be awesome.