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Good morning, John.

There is too much going on in my life right now. *Intro* I'm going on tour so I'm trying to learn all of my songs well, instead of the way that I normally know them. Ow. I just hit my hand on my desk.

I've gotta stop gesturing so much, it's dangerous. So I'm playing lots of songs, my fingers hurt. But that's not all that's going on.

Also I have this song in my head: [sings Fred] "All I want for Christmas Cash, money, money." *cries* There are so many wonderful songs I could have in my head right now. [sings Owl City] "You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies..." Or more appropriately, [sings Chartjackers] "I got nothing, can't you see me baby, look into my eyes and see I'm acting crazy. Nothing!" That's really what we should all be listening to, because the Chartjackers project has culminated!

The internet wrote a song. And then the internet gave that song to a charity. And now whatever money that song makes goes to that charity.

Which is why I'm going to ask you to visit the link in the sidebar, and go and buy "I've Got Nothing" by Chartjackers. If you are unfamiliar with the project, there's a video explaining it in the sidebar as well. But basically, four YouTubers got together and helped the internet write a song, and they're trying to "jack" the charts by selling the song for charity.

So far the song is in the top 100 of America's iTunes charts and the top 25 of the UK's iTunes charts. But in order to get into the top 10 they need a lot more. Like, more than they've had so far just to get into the top 10.

It becomes a very sort of clustery mass down at the bottom of the scale. I mean, and it's just a dollar and you've got iTunes, probably, so just click the link. Also, occasionally amazing things happen at the Ning.

Fairly regularly, really. And we don't always talk about it, but sometimes we just have to mention when there is a person making duckies out of people, and the duckies Ningmaster will make a rubber duck out of anyone who wins the weekly ducky contest. And in sad news, mynameischrisyeah, who is a really great young vlogger--and has a collab project with one of my favorite dudes on YouTube, BillTVMacon, Bill Macon TV, I think it's Bill Macon T, I don't know--was in a serious car accident last week, I just want everyone to sort of OMMMMMM try and think about him and wish him all the best for his recovery.

It always hurts when a member of your community isn't doing well. So let's all try and be there for him. I put a link to his channel in the sidebar and you can leave a comment on his channel.

Maybe you can subscribe to him, and that way when he comes back he'll have all these new people who want to see his great videos. So while I've been trying to play and learn all my songs, I've also been making a little bit of a setlist here. I'm not going to show you what's on it yet.

But I want to know, people, what do you want me to play in my shows? I want to please you! That is my job, is to please you!

So basically at the events I want to play songs, I want to talk, I want to answer questions if anyone has any questions. I'm looking to play whatever you want me to play. So please, in the comments, you can tell me what you want me to talk about, but you can also tell me what songs you want me to sing.

And that way I can try and please the most number of people. Because I can't play all my songs. Sorry.

John, that is all. I wish you could come with me on my tour, but you cannot. I'm going to put up that graphic again now because I have new information about Phoenix and Portland.

Sorry, Seattle, still working on it. It'll go up as soon as I know! So please click on your place and learn where I'm going to be and what I'm going to do, where you are.

John, you'll see me tomorrow. *Outro* *The Tour de Hank graphic*