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In which John discusses a long-held secret after answering questions about the 2009 Project for Awesome and giving some relationship advice.

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Good morning Hank and welcome to my new camcorder. It's Tuesday. It's question Tuesday, the day that I answer real questions from real nerdfighters!

Q: How long has the Project for Awesome been going on?
A: This will be the third year.

Q: How do I get my girlfriend to love me more than Jacob Black?
A: Okay, the first thing you want to is you want to see if your torso can be contorted into a V, because that's a helpful start. Then, become really hairy. But only sometimes.

Q: Wait, what is the Project for Awesome? How do I make a video and where do I post it?
A: The Project for Awesome is an annual tradition in which lots of people make videos for charities they care about and then lots of other people rate and favorite and comment on those videos over and over and over again. So that for one day the most popular videos on YouTube aren't about boobs or hamsters on piano but about decreasing worldsuck. If you want to make a video, just make one advocating for your favorite charity, upload it on Thursday, and ideally find a way to make sure that the thumbnail of your video is this, which you can find at a link in the doobly-doo. And then get your rating and commenting fingers ready for 48 hours of fun.

Q: This guy I really like wants my advice on how to ask out another girl. What should I do?
A: Alright, listen, this is gonna sound crazy, but I have a suspicion that the guy in question actually likes you. I might be wrong about this, but boys commonly have this insane strategy wherein we tell the girl we like that we need advice on how to ask out a different girl. I realize this is a colossally stupid strategy, but if you look in comments, I bet you'll see a lot of guys who are like, "Yeah, I have done that."

Q: What time should I upload my project for awesome video?
A: As close to noon eastern time as possible, which is 5pm GMT.

Q: How do I get a woman's attention to see if she likes me? We've been friends for a while, so my logical thought is that I should grow a mustache. Am I far off?
A: See, girls? That is how we think. We're like, "Maybe I should grow a mustache to get her attention."

Q: Wait, what can I do for Project for Awesome if I can't make a video?
A: Okay, ninety percent of the Project for Awesome is not in making videos. It's in commenting and rating upon videos. There will be a live show that goes from Thursday at noon until Saturday morning. We're gonna use that live show (by the way, there will be a link on Thursday morning) to organize, to go from video to video to video, making sure that we get tons and tons of comments and ratings and favorites on each one. And it will only work if there are a lot of us. So come and spend as much of your Thursday and Friday as possible with Hank and me. I promise it'll be fun. If you like nerdy fun, which...let's face do.

Q: How do I get my ex-girlfriend back?
A: Read up on Buddhist non-attachment. Link in the doobly-doo.

Q: How do I get the picture that I can download in the doobly-doo to be the thumbnail in my video?
A: Unfortunately, that's pretty hard. We think we've cracked YouTube's algorithm. You can find out more at, but if that doesn't work, just do your best. Be creative about the thumbnail and remember that it can be a great Project for Awesome video even without the thumbnail.

Q: You have a lot of advice about guys and girls who want to find each other. But what about gay people?
A: Same advice, different pronouns.

Q: Any advice on how to make my Project for Awesome video good?
A: Yeah, remember that you're not just talking about a charity, you're trying to advocate for that charity. So try to be as creative and awesome as possible. Also, you might want to find creative ways to encourage fundraising. I, for example, will be auctioning off my one and only pair of nerd glasses, which I wore for most vlogbrothers videos in 2008.

Q: What's the best way to tell a close friend that you're in nerdfighterlike with them?
A: I would show them this video. In fact, pause it right now, go get that person, and bring them back. Hi there, this is John Green of the vlogbrothers. You have a close friend in Nerdfighteria who, mm, kinda likes you. No big deal! Don't freak out. And don't reveal anything. Don't tell them what you're feeling yet. Poker face. P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face. Think it through before you respond. And remember, this isn't like some "ohh, I can't live without you" thing. This is a "I like you if you like me, but if you don't like me, that's cool. Our friendship is wonderful and I don't want to put it in jeopardy" thing. But, ya know, if you're open to the idea, this person does think you're sort of adorable.

Q: What is the right age to start having sex?
A: Mmm...42.

Q: Hey, the bookcase. Is that different from your old bookcase?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Why'd you change where you film?
A: Oh, there were a bunch of reasons. The whole home re- holy snood, is that a crib?! What is a crib...? The yeti is gonna have a little yeti! Winkitty!

Willy, what do you think about this whole baby business? [voice off-screen] I'm concerned.