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Fault in Our Stars Bonus Reactions :
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The Teens watch and discuss the trailer for the new film, "The Fault In Our Stars," written by popular YouTuber, John Green from the vlogbrothers!

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Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
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This episode featured the following teenagers.
Seth, age 15
Chelsea, age 16
Ethan, age 16
Kaelyn, age 16
Sergio, age 16
Jasser, age 17
Jeordy, age 17
Rebecca, age 18
Tom, age 18
Brianna, 19
Jade, 19
Music by: Cormac Bluestone

Teens React #62 - Teens React to The Fault In Our Stars

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Hazel: I believe we have a choice in this world. About...

Jade: Oh my God! It's The Fault In Our Stars!

Sergio: I read this book.

Seth: I'm reading this book right now. I don't- spoilers!

Hazel: Where nothing is too messed up that can't be fixed with a Peter Gabriel song.

Rebecca: I'm gonna start crying.

Hazel: I like that version as much as the next girl does.

Jasser: So it's like twilight? (laughs)

Hazel: It's just not the truth. This is the truth.

Mrs Lancaster: Hey. Make some friends!

Kaelyn: This is gonna be good, I can already tell. I can already tell.

Augustus: I'm Augustus Waters.

Chelsea: This is like the only love story I wanna watch.

Patrick: Maybe you'd like to share some of your fears with the group.

Augustus: Oblivion.

Rebecca: Why are you guys doing this to me?

Augustus: What's your full name?

Hazel: Hazel Grace Lancaster. Why are you staring at me?

Augustus: Because you're beautiful.

Sergio: Stalker.

Augustus: So, what's your story?

Hazel: I was diagnosed when I was thirt-

Augustus: No no no. Your real story.

Isaac: You know Gus talks about you all the time.

Hazel: We're just friends.

Kaelyn: Aww.

Augustus: I hope you realize...

Kaelyn: Friendzone.

Seth: The movie makes it seem like such a chick flick.

Hazel: Gus I'm a grenade. And one day I'm gonna blow up and I'm gonna obliterate everything in my wake.

Jade: I'm gonna have to bring a box of tissues with me to this movie.

Augustus: You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you. I am in love with you, Hazel Grace.

Jasser: It's a good guy right there.

Seth: She seems older than I pictured.

Augustus: Oblivion is inevitable and I am in love with you.

Isaac: Are you angry?

Hazel: So angry.

Augustus: You need to break something. (Cheers)

Tom: Oh! The car!

Hazel: You gave me a forever within the numbered days and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity.

Gus: To good life, Hazel Grace. Okay?

Hazel: Okay.

Jade: (echoes) Okay? Okay. Oh my God!

Sergio: I love this book. Can't wait till the movie comes out.

Rebecca: Ughhh. It's so good.

Brianna: I can't stand how much I love that story.

Jade: I'm so excited for this movie, you don't even understand!

(Question Time)

Benny: So, have you heard of The Fault In Our Stars before we showed you this?

Ethan: No.

Jasser: I have not.

Chelsea: It's a book.

Jade: Oh my God, who hasn't heard of The Fault In Our Stars?

Rebecca: Everyone's talking about it, so like, all my friends are obsessed with it.

Brianna: Ummmm...

Benny: No way!

Brianna: This Fault In Our Stars that I just decided that I needed to re-read before the movie?

Benny: Have you read the book?

Kaelyn: No.

Tom: No, I didn't hear about it at all. Is this like a big thing right now?

Jeordy: I have not read the book yet and my friends have been telling me about it and they've been, like, handing me the book almost everyday at school "Jeordy, you need to read the book!"

Seth: I'm reading it right now.

Sergio: I loved the book.

Brianna: There you go.

Benny: So back to the trailer, how did it make you feel?

Tom: It made me feel nice.

Jeordy: It was kind of like warm and fuzzy.

Seth: It kind of made me feel a little bit like a girl. I didn't really picture it that girly in my mind.

Rebecca: I wanted to cry but then they would show something cute and then I was happy. I have a friend who's read the book, like, six times. She's like "They're gonna ruin it, it's gonna be awful". I wanna see it.

Benny: The book and the movie is about a teenage girl who has cancer who is forced to go to a cancer support group by her mom to make friends. What are your thoughts about someone deciding to make a story revolving around something like a young person having cancer?

Jasser: I mean, definitely it gives a new perspective to how we all look at the world.

Jade: It just makes me so happy because I don't think a movie like this could have happened ten years ago.

Jeordy: I think it's an innovative idea in that the hero isn't, you know, a great, healthy, fantastic person.

Ethan: I've seen stories like that before. But I mean, I understand the feeling 'cause being attached to Game of Thrones and seeing people die, that's heart-wrenching.

Rebecca: It's heavy, but I think that we all need to be aware of it. Being somebody who is their age, it just makes me, like, thankful and it makes me step back and be like "OK, I need to, I need to realize the good things that I have".

Benny: Do you know who the author of the book is?

Ethan: No.

Kaelyn: Not at all.

Chelsea: John Green.

Jeordy: John Green.

Sergio: I watch his YouTube videos and he seems like an awesome person.

Benny: What do you know about John Green?

Chelsea: He wrote The Fault In Our Stars.

Jade: Him and his brother are the Vlogbrothers. Didn't they start VidCon?

Brianna: Vlogbrothers, VidCon, that history show and that new art show. I am a Nerdfighter.

Benny: So beyond being a best-selling author of multiple books, he also is a big YouTube star.

Seth: What?

Benny: John also is behind some education channels on YouTube like Crash Course.

Tom: Wow.

Jasser: They're really smart. Yep. Wow! It's that guy!

Seth: I would never expect that. Like I just picture, like, some, like old guy writing a book at home, like, "Heh heh! I'm targeting all the teenagers".

Benny: He decided to make it about young people who are sick because he feels that we have a habit of imagining the sick and dying to be different than we are. That even in a short life, you can live a full life. What do you think about that sentiment?

Jade: I think that's beautiful 'cause it really is true.

Brianna: If that was his goal, he definitely achieved it.

Jeordy: We do think of sick people as different and other when really we're all human.

Rebecca: Just because somebody's sick doesn't mean that they're different. They can't control that they got sick, they're just a normal person.

Ethan: People think of the sick as "Oh, you're so sick. You can't do this. We'll try and take care of you and make you happy" but all they wanna do is be normal, be able to do the things that other people can do.

Tom: I certainly hope that's right. My brother died when he was twenty... twenty five. We were expecting at the funeral for, like, maybe, like, a hundred people to show up. Over a thousand people showed up so I really do hope that, um, a short life can be a whole life.

Benny: Why is this book specifically so popular and mean so much to your generation?

Kaelyn: One: it's a love story.

Ethan: It shows a different side of the teenage life.

Sergio: Even if you're not sick you still feel kind of like an outcast 'cause that's how she feels 'cause she has to carry that around. She feels everybody staring at her and I feel like toady's youth, they feel like that too 'cause they feel like other people always judge them.

Jasser: Teenagers and young people, we have this invincible complex, invincibility complex. We don't think about death. We don't realize that there are a lot of young people out there just like us who die from disasters, who die from sickness.

Rebecca: Reading about, you know, somebody that has a dramatic situation going on in their life and how they make it normal and how, you know, they're accepted, it kind of makes us feel better.

Benny: And if John Green ended up watching this, what would you want to say to him?

Ethan: I'm still not reading your book.

Kaelyn: I'm gonna read your book.

Sergio: I love your books.

Jade: Thank you, for I'm sure I'm speaking for lot's of my generation.

Brianna: I don't, I don't know. I would be really shy.

Benny: The last thing we're gonna be doing in this episode, we're gonna show you one more thing. You can tell him yourself Brianna.

John: Hi.

Brianna: Hi!

John: Hi.

Jeordy: (Screams) Oh my God!

Tom: What! Hi John Green!

John: How's it going?

Tom: It's going a lot better now!

Seth: Is this real?

Benny: It's him.

John: I am not some old geezer.

Seth: Wait, has been listening this whole time?

John: Thanks for reading the book even though you don't know who I am on the internet.

Chelsea: (Laughing) Sorry.

Brianna: You know what's really crazy?

John: What?

Brianna: I had this in my bag.

John: Are you serious?

Brianna: Yeah. Do you think that you can, like, virtually sign it some how?

John: Yeah. Ready, hold on. I heard that your friend is worried that it's gonna screw up the book. I saw the movie and I'll tell you, like, I walked out of the movie, like, there's of course very sad parts, but I, like, walked out of the movie, like, so happy. I mean, partly because I was relieved that I liked it and I that I think that it's a really good faithful adaptation. I like it.

Rebecca: Well if you liked it then that's all that matters.

Ethan: I'm still not reading your book.

John: (Laughing) What do I have to do?

Ethan: Nothing. I'm just not gonna read your book. I'm not a reader.

John: What if I send you a free copy?

Ethan: I still wouldn't read it. I'd probably give it to my mom.

John: I am going to devote myself over the next several decades to getting you to read, it doesn't even have to be one of my books, but getting you to read books for pleasure.

Ethan: OK. Good luck with that.

Brianna: I like writing and arts stuff and I think that you're brilliant.

John: Thank you. Don't let the world telling you that those are not, like, realistic career aspirations get you down 'cause there's lots of good writing and arts stuff, jobs out there.

Rebecca: Thank you so much for telling a story that's so different that relates to so many of us about making us feel normal in our own situations, like, no matter what's going on.

John: Oh, that's so nice. That really means a lot to me. Are you gonna see the movie now?

Tom: Oh, I'm definitely gonna see the movie.

John: June 6th, Jeordy.

Jeordy: June 6th. Got it.

John: Are you gonna see the movie?

Chelsea: Of course.

John: June 6th, like opening weekend see it?

Chelsea: Depending, yes. I mean, I'd like to go see it when it comes out but then the crowds.

John: Are you at least going to see the movie though?

Ethan: No.

John: (Laughing) You're my favorite.

Ethan: (Laughing)

John: Thanks again for reading the book.

Chelsea. Thank you. I like you Harry Potter shirt.

John: Oh thanks.

Chelsea: You're welcome.

John: Bye.

Chelsea: Guys.

John: Thank you. DFTBA.

Brianna: I don't know what just happened.

Tom: Ahh! John Green!

Rebecca: That was so cool. I'm like fangirling right now.

Jeordy: Thanks for watching this new fantastic episode of Teens React.

Tom: Are you guys gonna be checking out The Fault In Our Stars 'cause I know I am. John Green told me to.

Brianna: DFTBA. Bye.