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Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
P.O. BOX 4324
Valley Village, CA 91617-4324
Video Featured in this Episode:
The Fault In Our Stars | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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This episode featured the following teenagers.
Seth, age 15
Chelsea, age 16
Ethan, age 16
Kaelyn, age 16
Sergio, age 16
Jasser, age 17
Jeordy, age 17
Rebecca, age 18
Tom, age 18
Brianna, 19
Jade, 19
Music by: Cormac Bluestone

Teens React #62 - Teens React to The Fault In Our Stars
Teens React to The Fault In Our Stars

© Fine Brothers Properties 2014

Tom: I loved the trailer. It was heart provoking, it pulled at my heart stings.

John: Yeah, well, the good, the movie is 99% just rainbows and puppies.

Tom: Really?

John: No. No.

Tom: (Laughs)

Jeordy: My friend and I watch your videos every morning in the car because it kind of gets, like, our brains running and we think it helps us absorb stuff later once we start absorbing.

John: Oh, that's so cool. I think guys like the movie. Like, so far the guys that I've talked who've seen it like the movie. Um, but it is, it is, it is a good movie, it is a good movie for a date.

Seth: (Laughs) OK, I'll keep that in mind.

Brianna: I said I would hide under the table, I'm really proud I didn't do that.

John: I actually think that you've done quite well. You seem totally cool and collected and funny and, yeah. You have nothing to worry about.

(Deleted reactions)

Sergio: If I was sick and I had an oxygen tank, I'd still go on a roller coaster even if I couldn't. I'd drag it on. At  least if I die right here, at least I'm gonna die on a roller coaster.

Benny: Do you remember how you found out about the book that made you want to read it?

Brianna: I heard everybody talking about it. I don't remember it ever not being popular.

Chelsea: My friend. She, we talk about books all the time and she said The Fault In Our Stars was good so I gave it a try.

Jade: Everyone was talking about the book. They're like "Oh my god, The Fault In Our Stars, The Fault In Our Stars" and I was like "I've a lot of other stuff to read" but I finally read it and I was like (sniffing).

Benny: What do you think about the book?

Seth: It, it's good.

Brianna: I love it so much.

Rebecca: I really like it, it's really sad though.

Jade: The first half of it, you're all like "Oh my god, this is a really great book and it's kind of sad" but, like, the last 50 pages you're just, like, crying the whole time.

Benny: Do you ever find yourself thinking about what reality would be like if you were sick or had cancer?

Tom: Yeah. I've actually thought about that in a lot of different ways.

Jasser: I don't think I think about it as much as I should because I don't really know anyone like that.

Chelsea: It's just crazy to think, you know, you're here, I'm happy, I'm healthy but there's someone out there that's not, you know. They may be on their last day.

Rebecca: What is dramatic to me or what I think is a big issue in my life is not even close to having cancer.

Sergio: Life is based on luck. You can either be born in poverty or like, or like with illness but I'm just one of the lucky people who wasn't.

Kaelyn: My old cheer coach, her daughter passed away of cancer. Cheer was the only thing that, like, kept her happy all the time. It's just hard to, like, see someone else go through it.

Benny: Do you think that the movie will be as good as the book?

Chelsea: It's hard to tell. I'll have to wait to see it.

Sergio: Movies are never as good as the books.

Kaelyn: Books always have more details than movies so I think the book would be a little better.

Jeordy: The movies can try, and this one looks like it might be acceptably good.

Brianna: I watched Josh Boone's other film and that was, that was really, really beautiful too. I have faith.

Benny: For anyone out there who has not read the book or doesn't want to see the movie, explain to them why you think they should give The Fault In Our Stars a chance.

Seth: Um, I think it's just really good, like, it just... If you want to learn about life just read the book.

Sergio: I never liked reading books 'cause they never interested me but this is one book that you're gonna like.

Jade: After watching that trailer, you can't tell me you didn't feel anything watching that trailer. Um-mm.

Rebecca: It's not one of those cliché, like, you know, love stories. It digs deeper than just what's on the surface.

Brianna: Even if you don't read books, which you should, it's so beautiful. It's Tumblr in a book.