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In which Hank celebrates the creation of 1000 Vlogbrothers videos. It's a bit of a clip show.

I can hardly believe we've been able to do this. To create such a huge body of work and to be part of an even larger movement of creation, both in terms of the huge growth in online video and what that has allowed, and in terms of the community of Nerdfighters and what we create together. I'm astounded every day by the kindness, intelligence, support, and awesome of this community, and I really can't imagine being any luckier.


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Good morning John.

Two thousand and eighty-three days ago, I made a video and I put it up on the vlogbrothers channel. And then the day after that, you uploaded your first video to a different channel because we didn't understand how YouTube worked.

Since then, a lot has happened to us and the world. You got a new baby, I got a new dog, we got the last Harry Potter book, we got a new president, we found a new fundamental particle of physics, our videos went from sort of disgustingly grainy 240p all the way up to crisp, beautiful 1080p, and John, you and I, we made a thousand videos.

And John, that is amazing. I am proud of us. That's an amazing number. But it's not the most amazing number.

Each one of those videos has been watched an average of two hundred and fifty thousand times for a total of a quarter of a billion views. If all of those videos were watched all the way through, which of course they weren't because some of them are pretty silly, that would be fifteen hundred years of human life spent watching our videos!

And that is a number I would feel bad about if I didn't feel like we had actually done some pretty cool things with that time.

$300,000 raised and thousands of videos produced for charities through the Project for Awesome, thousands of bracelets sold for This Star Won't Go Out, over one million dollars loaned through the Nerdfighter group on, hundreds of deep thoughts from dozens of places, and tumblogs full of "jiffs." or "gifs." Whichever you prefer.

We spend a lot of that time embarrassing ourselves and doing nasty things to ourselves, which I do not regret in the slightest. You took advantage of your son's cuteness (John in past video: "Henry, we're never going to go viral unless you bite my finger!"), I took advantage of my dog's derpiness, I sung songs about quarks and ponies and Harry Potter and Helen Hunt. Helen Hunt tweeted to me about my song about her!

I invented 2D glasses and turned Pride and Prejudice into a video blog. We went on tour, Katherine and I beat Super Mario Bros. Wii, you and the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers won the FA Cup! (John in past video: Oh he missed! Ahh, we won the FA Cup!")

We've been on the front page of USA Today, of the New York Times, and more importantly, of Reddit.

We made new things that we could never even have conceived of without the support of this community.

The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck is a real non-profit, now. We've started educational channels that both have more than 200,000 subscribers. We started a record label, and a webseries, and a conference. I got sing a song with George Watsky and Felicia Day! We've made friends with really remarkable and talented people from all over the world. We've helped create and define this creative community that I think is bound for really amazing things.

Almost every video has been a joy to make and every one has been a joy to watch. And in all those years, I have never missed a scheduled day of vlogbrothers, and you John, you've only missed one, and I forgive you because you were in the hospital. (John in past video: "I'm sick. That's my IV port.")

There's a lot of numbers in this video because I'm trying to quantify something that cannot be quantified. Here's a number: 2. It's the number of brothers who are the luckiest brothers in ever. So thank you all for that. Thank you if you ever watched a video, or participated in a project, or donated to any of the charities that we have supported. Thanks for helping us be better people and for traveling with us on this journey. And John and I will continue to do our best to not let you down, and to make great content that you like watching, and also to try and make the world a better place.

John, (Hank signing off in first vlogbrothers video: "Auto power off? Why the f-?")