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Don't make this weird.  Sometimes when I like, poke my belly button, it like, sends like an electric--

Hank: It's literally because you're reaching past the flesh, which is innervated differently--it has the nerves going into it differently than the area that's underneath that, and basically it's important for you to know like what part of your skin is getting touched when it's getting touched, so your body like, has lots of resources dedicated to that, whereas when it comes to like the inside of your body, it's a little less important, 'cause if something's touching, it's bad.  You can just like, know that it's bad, you don't need to know like, specific, you look around and you figure out what the problem is.  It just wasn't important enough for our body to spend a lot of resources getting really specific nerve feelings all on the inside there.  

The nerves that come from this area actually connect to your spinal cord at the same place that your like, nerves from your urethra and bladder do, so your brain doesn't actually have a way to distinguish between what exactly it's feeling right now and so you get this very specific belly button poke feeling.   You told me not to make it weird, but like, it just is!