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Michael Aranda ( recently moved to Missoula to help with the production of SciShow and Crashcourse.

I was at Target and I saw this Millenium Falcon and I needed it, so we spent like four hours last night constructing it. And then I spent another four hours this morning making this video.

The music, of course, was composed by Michael Aranda.

You can get the lego set here:

It's cheaper on Amazon, but still pretty dang expensive. But it was really fun! Also, LEGO did not pay me to say any of those things or make this video or anything.

If we ever do product placement (which we have always turned down in the past) we will certainly let you know.

If you work for Hasbro and would like to pay me to put together lego sets, I have no problem with that.


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A Bunny
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Hank: Good morning John. I'm here today with Michael Aranda.

Michael: Hello.

Hank: Introduce yourself!

Michael: My name is Michael Aranda.

Hank: I framed this shot poorly!

Today, Michael and I are going to be putting together the Millennium Falcon!

*Music starts*


Why are they making you do the people first, the people seems like the most fun part. We should save that for last.

Michael: I think this is Han's Hair.

Hank: Somebody's legs.

Where are all the heads?

Han Solo is complete!

This thing was not cheap by the way.
Michael: It took me a couple guesses to guess how much it cost.

Hank: They forgot to number this bag. Thank goodness that you figured that out because I would never have. What the friggum - 
Michael: Whoa!
Hank: I figured it was going to make a noise! What do you think of that Lemon? Don't like it! She doesn't like it!

We're on to pack two!



Katherine: What is this?
Hank: I don't know.

Alright pieces, let's make Lego happen.

Michael: Aaaah.
Hank: Sweeeeet.

What are all these? This is still from bag two.
Michael: Wasn't this bag one?
Oh look, we're going to use it right now.
Hank: We are. Where do you put it?
Michael: I - I don't know. Hold it. While you do the rest of it.

Page seventy-five, no tube.
Where's the other book?
Hank: Dude, the tube will happen when the tube happens.


Hank: They're pastel! What are those like?
Michael: Like Reese's Pieces, but harder.
Hank: Harder, yeah. I don't like them.

I did this wrong!

We're installing the tube part, which Michael was very excited about earlier.
Michael: Tubular!
Hank: Really?

Michael: Perfecto!

Hank: Last page! Of the first book!

Michael: Oh!
Hank: Careful.
Michael: I - I dropped a - an egg in my cleavage.


Hank: We're onto number five, show them the Millennium Falcon as it currently exists. Ah God, it's scary. We put the feet on, we've got a blaster on the bottom. Interior living space is done-
Michael: Oh, the blaster came apart.
Hank: Nooo!
Michael: Shhh!

Hank: It's like every time you finish a bag it gets from harder to easier to easier to easier to find pieces. Then you start a new bag and it's like UUGH! It's hard again! Cardigan! [Mad Mard again!] Tardigrade! It's late.

So now we are going to continue our build.


Hank: It is now two o'clock in the morning, Michael is finished with his Mountain Dew, the Millennium Falcon has another blaster on it. It actually looks pretty much like the Millennium Falcon right now.

Bag number six! Careful. Couldn't do it.

Oooh. I don't know what's happening. Aw.


Everyone. It's finished.
Teeeaw! Fwooosh!


John, I'll see you on Tuesday.