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In which I go sledding for the first time in my life.

-Matthew Gaydos
-Hank Green
-Katherine Green

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(Michael Aranda's music plays)

Michael: Today I'm here with Matthew Gaydos and Hank Green and Katherine Green and we are sliding on things down the snow.  Whoaaa!  WHOA!  And falling into really, really deep holes.  There's a like an animal living in there.  Good thing we got that on film.

(Sledding montage)

(Katherine bleeped out)

Hank: I'm sledding on one shoeeeee, holy mother(bleep)!!!  Oh my God! 

Michael: So, um, you are going to go up this really steep hill.

Matthew: That part is for sure.

Michael: And then you're gonna come down.

Matthew: That part's probably also going to happen.  This is a terrible idea!  Alright.  Oh, Jesus, here we go! 

(Bleep) (Bleep) (Bleep bleep bleep)

Oh (bleep)

I bit my tongue and it hurts! 

As soon as I hit the road, everything just hurt all at once.  My tongue, my body.

Hank: Your butt?

Matthew: From like, the neck to the lower back right now, it's just very hurty. 

Hank: Yeah, you look really--really covered in snow and I wish I could take a picture of it, but my camera stopped working. 

Michael: Okay, how's the tongue?

Matthew: Hmm, yeah.

Hank: Well done.

Michael: It's still attached, though. 

Matthew: I was afraid it wasn't.  It hurt real bad when I bit it. 

Hank: I was trying to steal your--

Michael: So, how do you feel now that it's--what, eight hours later?

Matthew: Yeah.  I'm still very, very sore. 

Michael: This was my, oh--there's a cat.  This was my first ever sledding experience.  I also made it through my first ever snowball today.  I went 27 years of my life without doing that.  Almost 28 years.  I'm--I'm old.

Matthew: I felt like you shouldn't have done it.  You should have just gone through life never having made a snowball. 

Michael: Yeah. 

Matthew: Like you could have been that weird 80 year old dude who's like, "you know what I never did? made a snowball."

Michael: Oh.  Okay. 

Matthew: What'd you think I was gonna say?

Michael: I--

So Matthew Gaydos has a YouTube channel and he makes the musics so uh--

Matthew: It hurts to nod!   Ohhh, I can't agree with anything for the next week. 

Michael: Is it easier to disagree than agree?

Matthew: No.  Disagreeing hurts more, I just found out.

Michael: Okay, then agree more than disagree.

Matthew: Kind of--I'm just going to be indifferent.

Michael: Stefan is showing me a picture of Matthew Gaydos wearing Alex Day's clothes.

Matthew: Trousers.

Michael: I've successfully made two Christmas videos this year so far, we're on a roll, how many days of December are there left?  Nine?

Stefan: Well, you have to get to 12.

Michael: We can go into the New Year a little bit, it's fine, right? 

Matthew: It depends on how you extend the holiday season.

Michael: Technically the 12 days of Christmas start on Christmas and go 12 days after that.  Technically.  Look it up, it's on Wikipedia.