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So we've been here a month. I'm sure we're wearing out our welcome and we just need to go home.

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Lizzie: Hey everyone! Yup, we are STILL at Netherfield! And this is getting ridiculous. Now, I understand that when your house is being remodeled it takes time and you have to be patient. And I fully understand that while your house is being worked on it is dangerous to be living there! But there comes a time when you are living under the same roof as someone you just completely hate and it-- Enough is enough! My name is Lizzie Bennet and I really, really, really  want to go home!

[Intro plays]

Lizzie: Okay, lets talk about a few things. First off, I'll admit that despite the fact that we have been here a MONTH, I have enjoyed it more than I thought I would. And, ah, just to be clear, enjoying it more than I thought I would is WAY different than enjoying it. Bing has been super nice and Caroline has been such a pleasant surprise, and, uh, let's--let's just end it there. But seriously, I'm sure that we're overstaying our welcome. Darcy seems to get more stuck up by the day. Yes, apparently that is possible! And Caroline... well, I sense that she's just putting on a good face. I'm sorry, I know you're watching and that you'd never admit it to me, but I'm sure you want your house back. 

And despite all of this, my mother still has the gall to insist that we continue to stay here. And yes, I'm fully aware that she's manipulating this entire situation. 

Lizzie: [as her mother] Now, Lizzie, you and Jane just keep your pretty, single selves over there for as long as possible. Especially Jane.

Lizzie: [as herself] But we WANT to come HOME!

Lizzie: [as her mother] You can come home, Lizzie! As soon as the house is finished!

Lizzie: [as herself] But what about Jane?

Lizzie: [as her mother] Jane can come home whenever she wants. But not until she has a shiny new rock on her finger. 

Lizzie: At least she's doing it out of love... and some desperation, but really... love...

(Bing knocks on the door)

Bing (from off screen): Hey, Lizzie? Oh, you're shooting again. I can come back--

Lizzie: No, no, it's fine, I'll edit this out. What's up?

(Bing enters Lizzie's room)

Bing: Well, it's about Jane...

Lizzie: She'll probably be back any minute.

Bing: I know. But I wanted to ask you something. Do you think she's been acting a little weird lately?

Lizzie: How so?

Bing: Well, I got her these flowers yesterday, and she didn't say anything. I mean, n-not that I'm the type of guy that needs all kinds of thanks for flowers or anything...

Lizzie: Uh, those were really nice! 

Bing: Thanks! I-I mean, did she like them?

Lizzie: Yeah, she did! 

(Bing sighs with relief)

Lizzie: Oh, seriously, she loved them. 

Bing: Great! Well, I mean, I was... she seemed apathetic.

Lizzie: No, ah... I know what it is. I think that Jane just... misses home. 

Bing: Oh no... does she not like it here? 

Lizzie: No! Oh, that's not it at all. She LOVES it here. It's just that, ah, y'know, we miss our beds. It's nothing personal. 

Bing: Oh, okay. I understand.

Lizzie: You and Caroline have been amazing hosts, saviors in our time of need. 

Bing: Well, it's been our pleasure Lizzie. Obviously, I like having the both of you around. I mean, Jane more so than you. I mean, that sounded weird. 

Lizzie: No, it's fine. If I were you, I'd prefer Jane too! Nope, still sounds weird. 

(They both laugh)

Bing: Well, thank you, Lizzie, and you two are more than welcome to stay for as long as you like. 

(Bing leaves the room) 

Lizzie (to the camera): Just don't let my mother hear you say that!

Bing (From off screen): What was that?

Lizzie: I... really appreciate that!

Okay, that wasn't so bad. Bing is a really awesome guy and despite my mother's BLATANT matchmaking manipulations, Bing and Jane do seem CRAZILY perfect for each other. Like two peas in a pod! Soulmates! ONE MIND! Who knows what crazy thing will happen with them next? 

(Jane enters the room)

Jane: Hey, Lizzie! You're never going to believe what just happened!

Lizzie: No way!

(Lizzie picks up Jane's left hand, frantically examining her ring finger, sighing when it's bare.)

Jane: Wow... are you okay?

Lizzie: No. This place is driving me crazy. It's messing with my mind. I miss our home.

Jane: Actually, I was just there. 

Lizzie: In my mind?

Jane: No, home.

Lizzie: Oh... home... How does it look?

Jane: Actually, it looks fine.

Lizzie: Fine? Whatd'ya mean, fine? 

Jane: What I mean is I just saw the contractor, who was doing his last inspections, and he  says that it's been livable for a week. 

Lizzie: WHAT?

Jane: Mm-hmm! 


Jane: Yeah! Apparently he thought that we were on vacation or something, but he says that we can move home whenever we want!

Lizzie: Unbelievable. 

(Lizzie jumps up and moves off screen.)

Jane: Uh... Whoa, what're you doing?

(A suitcase is hoisted onto the bed.)

Lizzie (from off screen.): Packing. We're going home. You okay with that?

(Lizzie's hand can be seen haphazardly throwing articles of clothing into the suitcase)

Jane: What about Mom and Dad and Lydia? Shouldn't we tell them?

Lizzie: Yeah! We'll call them from the house! Now go pack!

Jane: Okay! 

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