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In which Hank eats fake cheese and discusses the limitations of vacationing.


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Good morning John; it's Thursday, January 25th. Yesterday, you said it was Thursday; today I'm saying it's Thursday. One of us is wrong. As you may have noticed in my January 23rd video, I'm currently in Mom and Dad's little cabin on the side of their house. Katherine and I have begun our yearly Tour of the Entire Southeastern United States! We're starting out in Asheville, North Carolina, which is right here. Then we're going to jaunt over to Athens, Georgia to see some friends, and then jaunt back from Georgia to Asheville, and then we're going to jaunt from Asheville to Orlando, that jaunt being in an airplane - by all accounts this is a lot of jaunting - and then we're gonna jaunt in a car from Orlando to Tampa St. Petersburg to see some friends, and then from Tampa St. Petersburg we're going to jump to Englewood, Florida which is pretty far down on the Gulf Coast. Two of the three weeks I'll be on this trip I'll be without high speed internet. Not okay. You said that you believed that Mom and Dad's house was the last residence in the United States of America with dial-up internet. You were wrong. There's an entire town on the Gulf Coast of Florida without broadband internet. And I'm about to go there. I'm very concerned for what this means for the Brotherhood 2.0 project. I'm also very concerned because a lot of people have been coming up with a lot of very good punishments. These aren't the kind of punishments that are just difficult to do, they're the kind of punishments that are extremely embarrassing to have on video blog, and that's the kind of punishments that we're going to want to be doing! So I've decided something. As the Brotherhood 2.0 brother who may be very likely be making his first foray into punishment territory, I would like to suggest that the brother not being punished decide which punishment to give the brother being punished. That way, I just don't take the punishment I'd most want to do, but you'd give me the punishment you'd most want our viewers to see me doing. You were right about another thing about Asheville, North Carolina. I'm surrounded by memories of my childhood. Do you remember when Phil Wood made us these little critter cages so we could catch grasshoppers and store them inside? So they can be punished for the crimes of their incessant chirping! They never really worked very well. This reminds me of my childhood because it is a little dog that I made to resemble our little dog, Red, and the doghouse that we never had. He doesn't actually fit inside the doghouse. Oddly enough, one of the things that remind me most of my childhood in this place is the food. Mom made Shepherd's Pie last night! And also, something I haven't seen since I left home... a Kraft American cheese individually wrapped single. It, ah, it smells like nothi- I mean, it doesn't, it's not cheese; it doesn't look or smell like cheese, it doesn't...(laughs) cheese doesn't wobble like this, holy crap! There's really three ways I'd eat one of these- on a white bread sandwich with turkey, all by itself on a tortilla, microwaved, or folded in quarters - bwaaa (laughs) - and then eat it. Mmm, delicious cheese. Kinda. I enjoyed your survey, and hopefully I'll see more of it tomorrow.