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Victoria demonstrates Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
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Frankenstein MD is a multi-platform series based on Frankenstein, a novel by Mary Shelley.
The series is developed by Lon Harris, Brett Register, and Bernie Su
The series is produced by Pemberley Digital.
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Victoria Frankenstein - Anna Lore -
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(PBS Opening Screen)

Victoria: Yeah Robert, I think its great to put gory stuff on the show. Feel free to really zoom in on the blood and guts.

Wha- Nature is messy, if you want to learn how everything works you have to be willing to take it apart. Sacks of goo and all.

I think you're overreacting. It's not like we're doing invasive surgery on people during the show.

That's not invasive. You can easily live forty years without a spleen. You won't miss it.

(Frankenstein M.D. Title sequence.)

Victoria: Good afternoon. Today's experiment concerns electromagnets - 

Iggy: A good afternoon wweeehhh

Victoria: Stop that. 

Iggy: You're very serious. Everyone says so.

Victoria: Good, the scientific method is serious.

Iggy: Yeah and you're mean.

Victoria: Who says that?

Iggy: Me! and others.

Victoria: Well, they are certainly entitled to their opinions. Even if they're wrong. 

Oh look, it's ready. Are you?

Iggy: By using electromagnetic induction scientists can either enhance or suppress parts of the human brain.

Victoria: In today's experiment, I'm going to give Iggy a task then apply trans-cranial stimulation to related parts of his brain and monitor the results.

Iggy: Mmhhmm. Task number one: draw a picture. Right...

Victoria: What are you drawing?

Iggy: I don't know, I just kinda like, open up myself to the energy in the room, and then I just kinda, like, draw what I feel. 

Victoria: It's just a test of your basic skills. No need to get too elaborate. 

Iggy: I know. I know. Don't worry about it. Okay, I'm almost done here... Almost done... Okay, I'm done. No wait. No I'm not done. Okay now I'm done. Wait. Okay. And, done!

Victoria: That's what the energy in the room had to say? 

Iggy: I draw what I see! 

Victoria: Let's turn the stimulator on. Take a seat. 

And also try to stay very still.

Iggy: Or what?

Victoria: One rogue spark hits your greasy head and this whole place could go up.

Iggy: Oh, teasing someone about setting their scalp ablaze. Kinda mean.

Victoria: I can still turn the power up.

The electromagnetic pulses can either inhibit or stimulate different parts of your brain. While this is typically used during surgery to check a patient's progress, there are alternative uses.

Iggy: That's right. I'm getting super powers!

Victoria: Depending on where you position the coil and how much of a pulse the patient receives, you can affect basic brain functions. Like speech. Iggy what was the name of your best friend in high school?

Iggy: Cow, Eskimo, apple butter, Wurlitzer.

Victoria: Reposition the coil even a little bit and we can inhibit Ludwig's dexterity and coordination.

Iggy: Plasticity, verabados, Barbados

(5 minutes later)

Victoria: Iggy, what was the name of your best friend in high school?

Iggy: Uh Peter, Pete. Yeah, Pete Smith. aww man good old Smitty. You know, he and I used to play..I lied, I didn't have any friends in high school.

Victoria: As you can see, Iggy's speaking normally, well for him, but watch this. OK draw another picture.

Iggy: Alright. Okay, I'll get them.  Whoa! I'm good. 

Victoria: As you can see we've significantly inhibited both his balance and depth perception.  Finally, we're going to see if we can improve Iggy's fine motor skills using the same method.

If we've managed to stimulate the correct part of Iggy's brain it should temporarily boost his hand eye coordination, thus his drawing ability.

Iggy: Mmhhmm coming out better already.

(Eli calls on video chat)

Victoria: Good, Eli, I'm glad you called. I analyzed your sample and so now I just have a few basic questions.

Eli: Uh what sample?

Iggy: Aw man, I can't believe you sent her your poop. It's not very dignified.

Victoria: You keep drawing.

Iggy: Mean.

Eli: I would never send ...Hang on, is this why Rory interrupted me mid-...OK now it's all coming together.

Victoria: Have you been experiencing any unanticipated side effects? Um, irritability or insomnia?

Eli: Yeah I guess a little insomnia.

Victoria: Any sweating?

Eli: No.

Victoria: Maybe in the bathing suit area?

Eli: What! No!

Victoria: OK OK then if you're sure.

Eli: So what does it all mean?

Victoria: Nothing conclusive at this early stage. We'll have to compare results across all the subjects before we know any thing more.

Eli: Happy to help. Just please, you know, be discreet?

Iggy: Hey Rob, did you hear that, when you upload it to the internet for millions of people to see, be discreet about it.

Eli: What? Hey! Hang on a ...

(Victoria ends video chat)

Victoria: OK um so far some mild insomnia reported, I've been craving strawberries which I'm allergic to, and no one's reported any sweatiness. Although they probably wouldn't say if they were. 

Iggy: Hey, uh, the drawing's done! What do you think?

Victoria: Food cravings and insomnia... Uh, I wonder if...

(Victoria runs out)

Iggy: Nobody asked if I was sweaty. Cause I am. A lot.

(End Card)