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The Golden Rule: (It's in English and it's dedicated TO ME. Great book!)
In which John discusses the funniest and most unfortunate names in history, including race car driver Dick Trickle, philanthropist Ima Hogg, composer Chris P. Bacon, singer Shanda Lear, former Fort Wayne mayor Harry Baals, and inventor Hymen Lipman.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, Hank; it's Monday. I'm at Bill and Ilene's house. Bill and Ilene were my first bosses, or at least some of my first bosses at Booklist magazine. Ilene Cooper is the reason, of course, that I am an author. She is an author herself of books like Sam I Am and The Golden Rule. This is the Korean edition, because Eileen doesn't have an English edition, but anyway this book is dedicated to me. I would show you but the dedication is in – is in – is in Korean.

So Hank your video on Friday was amazing and I still can't get over the fact that nerdfighters found Gussie Manlove even though she wasn't named Gussie Manlove when she died--she was named Audrey Brown, and she wasn't named Gussie Manlove when she was born--she was named Gussie Horsey, which is the worst name ever!

Or at least I thought it was the worst name ever until I started doing research on the topic.

So today, Hank, I present to you my list of six unfortunate names from history.

Number six: Dick Trickle. Hank, when it comes to Dicks you have a lot of unfortunate name choices like Dick Sweat, the former congressman, or Dick Army.

But to my mind the best at being worst is Dick Trickle, who was a NASCAR driver. Aside from being famous for being named Dick Trickle, Dick Trickle was also famous because he was the only NASCAR driver in history who had a hole screwed into his helmet so that he could smoke in the middle of races. He had his pit crew install a cigarette lighter in his stock car, and one time after a race with very few caution flags he said "That race went by so fast I only had time for two cigarettes!"

Number five: Ima Hogg. The daughter of Texas governor "Big Jim Hogg." Ima Hogg was known as 'The First Lady of Texas', probably because no one wants to be known as Ima Hogg. She was a great patron of the arts, she collected works by Picasso and Matisse, and she was a philanthropist, and she also has an honorary degree meaning that technically her name is Dr. Ima Hogg.

Number four: Harry Baals. Hank, Harry Baals has been much in the news lately because there is a move by the city of Fort Wayne to name a building after their beloved former mayor, Harry Baals. His name really was Harry Baals and he is a very beloved former mayor. Like, I hear all the time on talk radio in Indiana people saying "You know those East Coast people, they can tell us 'You can't name a building the Harry Baals Government Center!' Well, what this town needs is more Harry Baals."

Number three: Shanda Lear, the daughter of the guy who founded the Learjet corporation. Shanda Lear, uh, grew up to become a lead singer in swing bands.

Number two: Hymen Lipman, who was the first person to ever attach an eraser to a pencil.

And number one: Chris P Bacon, a composer living in Los Angeles who writes music for movies. Like, he contributed music to such music as Gnomeo and Juliet, Michael Clayton, I Am Legend... and, Hank, he wrote the entire original score for the American classic Space Chimps. Also just to reiterate, his name is Chris P Bacon.

So Hank it just goes to show you that merely having a horrible name like Chris P Bacon or Gussie Manlove doesn't mean that you can't go on to great things like writing the score for the movie Space Chimps.

Funny-named individuals, don't lose hope. Hank, I'll see you on Wednesday.