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(beeping sound) 

Hank: We're coming in live. I have zero viewers though.

?: Have a look. A look at my hand. 

Hank: One viewer. 

?: Woah, you uploaded the round?

?: Yeah, it's kind of awesome.

?: (talking on phone)  Yep. (distant speaking) Alright. (distant speaking) Um, oh yeah. Oh, I'm gonna che- Yeah I'll check in with them today and find out what's up. (distant speaking) Yeah, yeah, good call. Okay. Yeah, yeah, hey can you.. if you can send me the postcard image and then a copy from the- both the invitational and the cougar show, I'll get the website updated for you. (distant speaking) Yay! (distant speaking) Yeah. (distant speaking) Okay. (distant speaking) Okay, sounds good. Alright. Okay. (distant speaking) Will do. Love you. Bye. (distant speaking) Oh. Yeah. (distant speaking)

Hank: Six viewers.

?: Say that again?

Hank: That's the number. Five. Number's five. We lost one.

?: Wow.

?: We're not engaging them yet.

Hank: Yeah. Well, I haven't been engaging at all because I don't think that I'm actually live

?: (on phone) Yeah, can you- sometimes- sometimes (?) be a little (?) hang out on the back green.

?: You think that that people

?: Um (?) but maybe (?) never leaking

?: Maybe he like-

Hank: There's no way to communicate with them though.

?: Oh, they can't hear us?

Hank: Well they can hear us but I can't hear them. Can I say.

?: (on phone) Yeah, that (?)

Hank: Lord. There's no chat.

?: What.

Hank: Oh I don't like that. Live TV's horrible.

Neil: So, what is it?

H: I don't know. Um, there's now 28 people watching us. They seem to have found it somehow.

?: (on phone) um, no, um, well--

Hank: Is it on my channel?

?: (on phone) --I would just put some cardboard under it.

?: Did you tweet about it?

Hank: Sorry, we're attempting -- no I didn't tweet about it -- we're attempting to figure out how- what, what we're doing. We don't know what we're doing.

Neil: So is it- it's linked to YouTube and Google +?

Hank: Yeah, it through Google+, but it's linked to YouTube.

Neil: Okay, um but-

Hank: Trying to-

Neil: -did it like- did it post to your Google+?

Hank: Yeah, it posted to my Google+.

?: Okay, gentlemen, let's-

?: I would say-

Neil: (?) friends with you on Google+.

it might just be

Hank: Closer... closer...

?: Yeah, Widescreen, Hank.

Hank: 's giving- giving them something. There's 100 people, and maybe it's just from Google+.

?: 100 is there even.

?: is there a Russian bot net. (=?)

?: What?

?: You wanna be on TV? That's what's going on.

?: It's like-

Hank: we're trying to-

?: It's like shitty TV.

?: Not shitty.

?: Shitty TV.

Hank: It's like, really horrible TV. Especially because there's no friggin' chat. What's the point?

?: Well, there's no chat in regular TV.

?: Like internet TV.

Hank: This is like- ew, God ew.

?: What is that?

Hank: Uhh. (laughs) uhuhuhh, huh. Um, 154 people.

?: Are watching this crap?

Hank: Yeah, I didn't tweet it. I- can you in chat.

?: Um, report an issue, it says right there.

Hank: Yes, report an issue: there's no chat! This is dumb.

?: It's on apps, maybe.

?: On apps, maybe you can, uh.

?: It looks so cool on the screen

?: There's apps, maybe you can uh.

Hank: We added an app.

?: We added an app.

L: Eight-ball pool.

?: Oh, there we go.

Hank: That's what we want. We wanna play pool. Can we add the chat app, so I can hear what people are saying?

?: Uhh just see chat app-

Hank: Ha, Hakuuuuuuu! in hangouts.

N: Is that a chat?

H: No.

Neil: Google docs -- you could just open a document, have everyone type in it.

H: -everybody chat in there.

?: Oh that's a good idea.

?: Oh that's true.

Hank: (laughs) Google docs as a chat feature.

Neil: It's more like everybody edits, hold on. Yeah. Alright. Uhh...

Hank: (laughing) Don't share all my documents!

?: Share all!

Neil: Um, do you want your email address to become visible.

Hank: Ehh don't care. (?) (singing) You better get ready to die~

N: I know, you woke up with that stuck in your head, didn't you. Ugh, how do I--

?: Wonder how that happened.

H: I'm just sitting here with my blanket on me.

Neil: Alright, public document.

Hank: Public document.

Neil: No sign in required.

Hank: No sign in required. (laughing) We are making a killing hacking Google+.

?: Yeah!

?: How do people know we're even online?

Hank: I think it's maybe, my Google+ told them.

?: Your Google+...?

?: Google-- Google leaked it.

Hank: It's not on Hankschannel, which is where I was trying to put it -- like that's the whole point.

?: Are we just doing, like, a Google Hangout?

Hank: 200 and-

Neil: Okay.

Hank: (laughs) Is everybody in here? Hello! Type into the document to comm-- if you can see, the Google+--

N: You need to give them the document.

Hank: --thing

Neil: Maybe if you give them the apps tab, or...

Hank: If you click on the apps tab, and click on Google Docs, we're attempting to make a document that we can share and read together.

Neil: I dunno.

Hank: So if you can type in there, type in there.

?: And color-code your name.


?: (?)

Neil: Uhh, I dunno. I don't know if everyone can see the same apps as us, or... It's public.

Hank: Public.

?: Do they need the address?

Hank: Share the- share the link somehow? 


Hank: How many people can be in one Google doc?

Neil and ? together: woah let's find out


Neil: (?) Google

?: Um.. no, this isn't working.

?: Ok, can we get the link of this doc and we can share that link?

?: Like...

?: That means I can watch you, I can watch you

?: I don't know man, I don't know. you'll have to ask one of these people.


?: Hermione, How did you find out about this?

?: Well here's the link. but it's like... it's long. Someone put it on twitter.

?(off screen): Hermione. Hermione. Hermione? Hermione.

Hank: Horatio!

? (offscreen): I think that may be my favorite joke.