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Good morning, John, it's PIZZAMAS!!!

A long, long time ago, when we started to make just one video a week each on the vlogbrothers channel the idea was to free up some time for us to do some other stuff. And that has 100% happened, right?

Like this very weekend at the farmer's market, somebody, like, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, are you the author, Hank Green?"

And as I usually do, I said, "No, that's my brother, John."

And then they said, "Actually, I think, you're wrong? Like, I just finished reading your book, it was really good."

So, yeah, I guess I'm the author Hank Green, it hadn't really sunk in in that way yet.


So, it worked, but also switching to just one video a week made it feel like a lot more pressure to make that one video a week be really super good and if it wasn't then I felt bad about it.

So it's like, less work, but more pressure, almost? Which I think is a totally fair trade.

But it's also one of the reasons why I really love Pizzamas because this time of the year I gotta make a lot of videos and so you'll probably be a little more understanding if not all of them are very good.

Like, it's a time of the year when we can get away with, like, not having, like, a super fancy dance break in the middle- why is there music playing right now?  Why is there music playing right-? Ok, fine!

Nah, I can't dance,
Nah, I can't dance,
Nah, I can't dance,
I can't dance but I still dance
*Dance Break*
Need a system and two mics
Drop a beat and it's too tight
You feel it in your soul and the groove's nice
You wanna know what I move like?
Nah, I can't dance,
Nah, I can't dance,
Nah, I can't dance,
I can't dance but I still dance
*Dance Break*
*End Music*

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by that... fashion-shoot dance break.

Pizzamas is a really important time of the year for me because it gives me a chance to concentrate not, like, on the more complicated parts of the stuff that I do, but on something a lot more simple.  Like, just sharing what's on my mind.

Like, for example, I went to the dermatologist cuz I had a face rash and he was, like, "Well, while you're here, let me look over, see if you got any, uh, problematic-looking moles."

Found one on the bottom of my foot, and, y'all! Bottom-of-the-foot moles turn out to be oftentimes really dangerous because, one, people don't look at the bottom of their feet very often and, two, people think, "well it's just a bottom-of-the foot mole, that can't be that bad." But it turns out it's one of the more dangerous kinds of cancer, foot moles!

So he used his magic knife and he took it out of my body and then he looked at it in the lab and he confirmed that it was indeed just a normal mole but I'm glad that I had it looked at, John!

It's not just something that happens to old people.

I also got a flu shot while I was there. Flu shots are good for you, you should get yours, I didn't even feel it, man! They made the needle so tiny, now.

Also, John, I've been thinking a lot about soup! ...That's the whole sentence.

Also, my wife and I have a podcast called Delete This where we discuss my social media usage and it turns out it's, like, it's been a really good thing for me and also it's just a ton of fun because she's hilarious.

Also, I'm a little worried about democracy!

Also it's spring in the southern hemisphere of Mars, which means that the carbon dioxide deposits under the surface are ripping through the ice above them into magnificent geysers of gas and dust and that's really a thing that happens!

Also, my son just turned two! He's a two. year. old, John! Two! What?


That doesn't seem right, John, but it's true and this shirt is made of plants and so this shirt is made of air! It's made of air!

Also, John, Pizzamas! I'll see you on Wednesday, tomorrow!  I'll see you tomorrow!