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In which Hank talks with Charlie McDonnell about YouTube, Tattoos, Farts, and Video Games.

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A Bunny
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Hank: Can you say, "good morning John"?

Charlie: Good morning John!

Hank: I'm a big fan of Charlie McDonnell and his Youtube show Charlieissocoollike, and now he's sleeping in my house.

Hank: So while Charlie was here I wanted to ask Charlie some questions that I've always wanted to ask, Charlie I haven't really I just wrote these last night.

Hank: How are you doing?

Charlie: It feels weird that I'm not making a video today.

Hank: I know, right?

Charlie: So I feel most at home now, being here in front of the camera and thinking, "At least I'm in a video of some sort."

Hank: I remember after Brotherhood 2.0 ended that I was just like, "What do you do with time?"

Hank: How is Missoula?

Charlie: It's lovely. It's nice and little. I like that. Bath is quite compact, and I like the fact that you can just sort of, you can just walk anywhere, in Bath, and just be at the right place. I mean, this is slightly bigger, 'cause its America, so it's driving places.

Hank: We ride our bikes around a lot, but we don't have one for you...

Hank: That would have been fun, we could have gone for a bike ride! I should rent a tandem.

Charlie: That could be a whole video just-

Hank: We could be doing this interview on a bike!

Charlie: Just turn it off now, let's sort that out.

Hank: What was the last thing you screamed at?

Charlie: I don't think I really scream at much.

Hank: Do you know what it would be like to scream?

Charlie: Yeah, I could scream...If you want me to.

Hank: Are you sure?

Charlie: I went bungee jumping that's like one of the scariest possible-

Hank: Did you scream, scream-

Charlie: No! I-, no wait, I-

Hank: Just complete silence all the way down.

Charlie: Actually, I did scream, but I only screamed because I felt like I needed to.
*Hank laughs*
I was going down, and I was just like, "...", and that was it, and then I just sort of went, "Oh, ahh!" So that's the last thing I screamed at, bungee jumping

Hank: Okay, bungee jumping.

Hank: If you could eliminate a word from the English language, what would you eliminate? No one could ever say it again.

Charlie: Moist.

Hank: Moist!? Dude, you know that that's my favorite word!

Hank: If you could kill baby Hitler, would you kill baby Hitler?

Charlie: I don't know why, after, like years of Evil Baby Orphanage you are asking me this question.

Hank: I'm just saying the orphanage is not an option. You have to kill a baby.

Charlie: Kill one person, or let all of these other people die, I'm going to kill a baby.

Hank: What was your worst challenge for Challenge Charlie?

Charlie: The one where I tried to do like five different challenges in one go, and I just threw up halfway through that, and the video never got made. So probably that one. Because it wasn't even a case of like-

Hank: You didn't even get anything out of it.

Charlie: Exactly.

Hank: What will you tattoo on you? Pinkie Pie on your bicep? DFTBA on the inside of your lip?

Charlie: I don't want any tattoos.

Hank: But no one's ever going to see it , it's on the inside of your lip.

Charlie: But it will hurt.

Hank: It will hurt very bad.

Charlie: It's just like, I spend an hour going through extreme pain, and no one will ever see what you've done.

Hank: but you'll know forever that your lip wants you to never forget to be awesome

Charlie: Okay.

Hank: Do you find you're exceptionally gassy, as a person?

Charlie: Are you asking me this, because this is something you have noticed?

Hank: No, you haven't seemed exceptionally gassy at my house.

Charlie: I do fart whenever I'm about. You can leave a fart at one place, in London, and go to a different place. That's probably not good for other people. I just like, up on the escalator, and I fart down here, and then they get to it, and then suddenly, "ugh!"

Hank: Do you spend more time writing a video, or editing the video?

Charlie: For the past week, I didn't really write anything at all, so I have been editing much more. But unless the video is like significantly like effect heavy, like with "Forever Yours", I probably spend about as much time writing it as I did editing it, then it's more time writing, I think.

Hank: Do you spend more time, uh like, making the video as a whole, or playing video games?

Charlie: I spend more time making videos, but only just.

Hank: Since you like video games so much, do you want to go play video games right now?

Charlie: Yeah!

Hank: Okay.

Charlie: Definitively!

Hank: Alright.

Charlie: If that's the end of the video, then sure!

Hank: John, we will both see you on Tuesday.

Charlie: We will.

Hank: On the internet.

Charlie: Adios!