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In which John and Hank return to the seashore, scene of their first reunion video, to prove that they are still massive nerds. Also, Hank is briefly shirtless....ladies.

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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday, and here I am in beautiful Florida! Hank: And here I am in beautiful Florida! J: What? It's a REUNION VIDEO! H: It never gets old. J: It never does get old; I still find this funny. I don't know if they do. J: Ah, it's very hot! Hot hot sand hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot! J: So, Hank and I are at a family reunion in Seaside Florida, the world capital of teenagers who don't know who we are. What's it like? Well, it's been like this, basically. J: I saved my glasses! J: I got these for Henry but they were too big. H: Hi John. J: What're you reading? H: Endymion. J: Neeerd. H: Yeah. H: I did it. I killed the piggies. Kill the piggies. J: And you got one whole star. J: So Hank, we're here in northern Florida, and yes I'm wearing an inner tube that just sticks to my body, because, you know, my belly is too big. H: You don't need a bigger tube. The perfect size. J: It's all the tube you need. H: It's just like the internet. J: How is it just like the internet? H: Well you always want bigger tubes! J: You know, in these thoughts from places videos, I always try to draw out some tortured metaphor, but that's the worst one yet. J: Noodle attack! J: Do not! Do not shake your hair this close to the camera, Justin Bieber. It burns! Doesn't it burn? H: It burns. J: It burns! H: I can't open. J: Hank, you're the younger brother, but your marriage continues to be an inspiration to me. I'll see you on Friday.