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In which John talks a lot about Callum Kennedy's hair.
Hello and welcome to Hankgames without Hank. My name is John Green, I'm the manager of AFC Wimbledon who today find themselves at home in the Capital One Cup, the all important Capital One Cup. Look at Callum Kennedy's hideous hair.

Our left-back is Callum Kennedy and his hair.

...we just beat in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy contest. Oh, there Kennedy also has a terrible haircut. Maybe it's a Kennedy thing.

Oh, and that guy, their captain has the Callum Kennedy haircut, the disaster. It's disgusting.

It's no joke this Barclays Premier League although you would think that it is given Callum Kennedy's haircut.

That's pretty intense. And we've got Callum Kennedy's terrible haircut to deal with which is never easy.

Today I'm gonna talk about how YouTubers are portrayed in the media, but first I want to talk about Callum Kennedy's hair. My God! It's so horrible!

I'm just, like, "Well, it's either gonna be a center-back or it's gonna be you Callum so what do you want?" And he just looks at me with his terrible haircut and he says "I guess play me, boss." And then he says "Can you please stop making fun of my hair?" And then I say "Yes when you get a haircut".

But all in good fun. Speaking of in good fun, how about Callum Kennedy's hair There's nothing fun about that.

Callum Kennedy! Oh! That was as bad as your hair!

"She likes his hair
She thinks that it's fair
Assistant coach Meredith likes Kennedy's hair"

They have a Kennedy too. Yeah. Do you want him too? Alright. She's into him. She wants me to... Meredith... As the assistant coach, Meredith has announced her interest in acquiring the services of Bridge Over Troubled Water keeper or midfielder something something Kennedy and his hideous hair.

That guy's got terrible hair. He makes Callum Kennedy look downright handsome.

On the wings we've got Callum Kennedy who's been from the very beginning a huge part of the Wimbly Wombly story and despite his terrible haircut, which I've encouraged him to make different decisions about but he just doesn't seem to be interested, like, I think Callum Kennedy, I think Callum Kennedy can be part of the success of the Wimbly Womblys.

Callum Kennedy with his beautiful haircut hugging the men he loves!

Good luck to both teams in their seasons. I think we can all root for one outcome which is a Callum Kennedy haircut.

A one-one draw and I have to look at Kennedy's horrible hair.

I love Callum Kennedy. Mmm. I don't love Callum Kennedy but I respect him. I respect him neck down. I love that man from the neck down. Thanks for watching.