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The AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys:

In which John announces his retirement from semi-professional FIFA playing, discusses the astonishing story of AFC Wimbledon, and reveals that through Hankgames, nerdfighteria will be one of the leading sponsors of an actual, real-life professional soccer team.

The ads beside the field are 16 feet long and 3 feet high. Design accordingly. :)


The penalty shootout against Luton Town featuring the famous Danny Kedwell:

A short documentary about the collapse of Wimbledon F.C., the disastrous move to Milton Keynes, and the formation of AFC Wimbledon:

Last season, AFC Wimbledon had to win their final game to stay in the football league. Some highlights:

A montage of 10 years of AFC Wimbledon's history:

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Good Morning Hank, it's Tuesday. 

So today I want to announce a new project, but first I have to begin by explaining that for the last couple of years, I have been the manager of a fictional soccer team called the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. The Swoodilypoopers are led by two Time Lords, both named John Green, who are married to each other. And everything was going swimmingly, but then I got obsessed with recreating the past, like Gatsby, and I got fired. 

And now after careful consideration I have decided to retire from semi-professional FIFA playing, and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I will no longer be supporting my family in part by playing video game soccer. However, Hank, there's a couple things you need to understand about English football.

First, if you're in the major leagues of English soccer, which is called the premier league, and you have a really bad season, and you finish in the bottom three, you don't get to play in the premier league next year. You  are relegated to the league below that, which helpfully, is called the championship. You know, because it doesn't feature any of the champions. Anyway. In every league, the top teams get promoted up each season, and the bottom tops get relegated down to the league below. 
And if you get relegated from the fourth tier, which is helpfully called league 2, you are no longer in the football league. And you team is not even in FIFA anymore.

This makes English football fun and also terrifying, because there is a lot at stake every season for every team. And no team experiences these crazy highs and lows like Wimbledon F.C., which for most of its history was in the lower leagues but then had a run in top flight, and I mean they won the FA cup in 1988. 
Now the other big difference between English football and American sports is that there are no franchises, so like rich owners can't just move the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles because they wanna. Except occasionally when they can. In 2002, Wimbledon F.C. was moved to Milton Keynes leaving thousands of Wimbledon fans without a club. I mean they had a hundred years of history and then nothing. Their stadium was torn down, their FA cup was sent to Milton Keynes, although it was later returned.

So these fans responded by starting a club from scratch: AFC Wimbledon. And they started in 2002 in the ninth tier of English football. But then they went on this amazing run and then just nine years later in 2011, their captain Danny Kedwell found himself with one penalty kick to send Wimbledon to the football league. 

[Cut to Danny Kedwell's goal]

They did it! Ah, they did it! So, AFC Wimbledon became a League 2 team, which means that you can play them in FIFA. Last year, they almost got relegated, but then in the last game they won heroically!

[Cut to whistle at end of AFC Wimbledon's last game]

Hank, AFC Wimbledon is a truly extraordinary football club, it's owned and run by it's fans, I mean there's no big money behind it. Their chairman is a retired accountant. They were the first club in England to have a Football Fans Against Homophobia banner at a game, basically they're the most awesome football team in the world and I want to help them stay in the football league. So I'm going to play with them in FIFA 14. But I'm going to keep my vow not to be a semiprofessional FIFA player anymore; instead, all ad revenue from the videos will go to sponsor the actual, real AFC Wimbledon team. We're going to have billboards in the stadium and ads in the program, all designed by nerdfighters. And hopefully we're going to help this team that mirrors the values of nerdfighteria stay in the football league, so I can play with them in FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 and beyond, and maybe one day we can send them to the premier league! Now that might be dreaming, but in 2002 when AFC Wimbledon was playing away games in front of 80 fans, it took some dreaming to imagine a world in which they would be a team that you could play in FIFA.

So nerdfighters, if you'd like to help then please subscribe hankgames and watch the videos. You can click on my face or this like in the doobly-doo, then let's start designing some ads together, there's more info below, where you can also find more footage on AFC Wimbledon's short but glorious history. So Hank, I hope you like this new little project. DFTBA, I'll see you on Friday.