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Every year, one of my favorite things to do is take the music of a YouTuber and edit it together with clips from VidCon. It's always epic and fun and surprising and awesome and there's just so much amazing footage from the event. This year I edited to Mike Diva's BFD:


The 12 Days of Pizzamas:

Vote on Pumpkins:

Emma Approved Playlist:
Hank: Good morning John,

[BFD plays]

Trish: So what's the best thing about VidCon for you?
Hannah: Meeting the fans. Hugging the fans. Touching them.

Tyler: There are no winners in a make-up challenge.  Everyone loses.

John: This year's VidCon is bigger than every previous VidCon combined.

Anthony: VidCon is crazy.

Finn: It's amazing.

Ze: I love so many different things about it.


[song ends]

Hank: VidCon 2014, the 5th annual VidCon, five years of VidCon, and it's coming like 230 days, but tickets are on sale now.  VidCon has a tumblr now.  It's, Vidconblr.  And we're on Twitter and Facebook.  If you have questions to ask, we got answers.

It's crazy how big its gotten, like seeing on that footage as I was editing that video, but I feel like it's still such a special, cool time for online communities to come together in the real world, and I'm just really proud of it, and it's great, and so thanks to everybody who supports it, and everybody who can't come, I'm sorry that it exists in the real world and so is constrained by space-time.

John, the idea that Nerdfighteria is going to sponsor a professional football team, I just want to say that I think this is an amazing idea.  I don't know, it just feels pretty cool.

What else is going on?

Emma Approved just finished its first, like, story arc, so if you don't want to watch in sequence, but you want to binge a little bit, now's a good time to binge, there's a playlist linked in the description.

John's punishment.  I came up with a good punishment for John.  It's sort of a mix of various suggestions.  The idea is, Henry, I think, um has some unique ideas about cuisine.  John, for your punishment, Henry makes the dinner.  He decides what goes into what and what gets cooked how, as long as you're not going to poison yourself.  And then yeah you have to eat it.  Basiclly, I'm letting your child punish you.

Oh, also, we are in the middle of the twelve days of Pizzamas.  Last year we had a bunch of limited edition Pizza John designs, different colors, different designs.  This year, instead of doing that, we have decided to put this [motions to Pizza John] on a bunch of different things.  There's a hoodie, there's keychains, there's a lapel pin.  Coffee mugs, guitar picks, Frisbees, also a fleece blanket with a Pizza John face on it.  Pencils, journals, mouse pads... socks, like with the stitched in Pizza John face, I'm super excited about that because I like weird socks.  All these things are available for pre-order from now until the 15th and then on the 15th they will never be available again.

Also, if you're confused about the new YouTube comments, I made two videos on Hankschannel.  One, about how to add your Google+ page to your YouTube account, which you do need to do.  And two, about how I feel about the new comment system, some good, some bad.  And by total and complete coincidence, I promise, Subbable also just launched comments, so we've got our own comment system going on over there.

Finally, it occurs to me somewhat belatedly that the pumpkin carving contest wasn't particularly fair, because the people who posted early got a lot more votes than the people who posted later.  So we're putting every thing into a separate poll.  Vote for your favorite now.  Thanks to all the carvers and all the voters, and John, I'll see you on Wednesday, Tuesday.

[End screen]

All the people named Carver out there are all like, "Oh! Oh."  I expect to see you Carvers in the comments.