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Kemosabe in his Tree Fort at Animal Wonders
Facts about Kemo start at about 2:12

A prehensile porcupine aka coendou is from South America found in the rainforests of Brazil. They use their prehensile tail to help climb and maneuver in the trees where they spend most of their lives. They are rodents and are closely related to rats and mice. They have 2 large incisors on the top and bottom which are ever-growing and need to be chiseled against each other in order to keep them the right size. Kemosabe only has 1 top incisor so he needs help from a veterinarian to file his teeth so they don't overgrow and prevent him from being able to eat.

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[Jessi off-screen:] What's in your basket?    Jessi: Keep going. Keep going.    [Kemosabe vocalizing]   Jessi: Come get it.    [Chewing and lip-smacking]   Jessi: Beep! There you are. What do you think? [Kemosabe vocalizing throughout] You have whiskers. That's a finger. ...Good boy, buddy. I know. It's okay.    What's in there? ...Good work, buddy. Here.      You see how Kemosabe only has four fingers? He has no thumbs, this is a thumb pad to help him hold. If you look at his feet here, he has four toes back here, and then just a thumb pad there. That's gonna help him hold on to branches better.    Then see under his belly here, [Laughing] he doesn't really have any clothes under there, so all these big holes on top are going to help protect his belly underneath. When he gets threatened, all his quills are gonna raise, and he's gonna bend his head over and charge any predator. That's gonna protect his belly and his tail, which also does not have any quills on the end of it there.   Now, normally, porcupines would have two top incisors, two top teeth there, but if you look closely, you can see Kemosabe only has one. He actually came to Animal Wonders with an infected tooth, and we had to pull that top incisor out. So he is our one-tooth porcupine on top, and so he really enjoys his soft foods like banana.    Yeah. Tell 'em how much you like banana.    Good? Yeah. Nom nom nom.    Isn't that good?   No more bananas! No more bananas. You don't want to eat fingers. Fingers don't taste good.