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I always love making videos with Katherine. She makes it easy because of how she is so hilarious. You can watch more here:

Here's our video from last year:


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H: Good morning, John! It's that space between Christmas and New Year's where no one knows what's going on and I almost forgot to make a video. 

K: I have reminded you three times today.

H: *laughs*

H: Katherine just texted me, if-- she said, "Should I come down?" and I was like, "I'm doing the puzzle!"

K: *laughs*

H: "I could use another set of hands!"

K: My house is filthy. It's too bad you can't see it.

H: It looks great right in this direction. 

K: A thin layer of...

H: Yeah.



H: No, the first question is for Mandy who asked, "If you fart in space, could the sound propagate through its gas?"
K: *sighs* I'm so tired. Go ahead, Hank. 

H: You would both have to be out of space suits and dying, and your ear would have me very close to that person's butt, but I bet you could. Yeah. Well, the nice thing is you don't have to be alive to fart. You do have to be alive to hear things. 

K: That's the nice thing. You could still fart when you're dead.

H: They call it 'The Lord's Toot'. The last one you have?

K: No, they don't!

H: Ayyy! We got a kitty. Are you excited to be at PodCon? Are you excited to do a live Delete This, Katherine?

K: I'm excited to do a live Delete This, Hank.

H: *laughs* You nervous?

K: *weakly* Uh-huh.

H: Youre gonna be fine.

K: Okay.

H: What holiday music do you guys like to listen to?


K: You know, that and also... Handel's Messiah.

H: Okay, it's a mix in this household.

K: Julian would like to know what the sequel to An Absolutely Remarkable Thing will be named. 

H: I have a name a time that I'm calling it. I've been told that it's bad by my publisher and editor and agent. Here's Katherines reaction, I just told her what it was. You don't like it?

K: I mean.... nope!

H: Rento (?) wants to know do we remind each other of anybody from, like, characters from books and movies?

K: Like the kid from A Christmas Story? "You'll shoot your eye out!"

H: *sarcastically* Oh, great. Cause I look like--

K: "Laughs* R-Ralphie?

H: Because I look like Ralphie.

K: *hesitantly* I mean, Mr.Darcy.

H: *laughs* Nothing like Mr. Darcy.

K: No, nothing like Mr. Darcy.

H: What's his first name?
K: Fitzwilliam.

H: I was thinking Dwayne.
K: Dwayne!?


H: Betty wants to know, "What's your favorite thing about my twitter?"
K: What's my favorite thing about your twitter?
H: Mm-hmm. Wow, nothing!
K: My favorite 'fweeves'?

H: That I've 'fweeved'.
K: Oh, um... *laughs*

H: If you don't know what were talking about, listen to our podcast Delete This.

K: Delete This! Um, it's free.

H: *laughing* Recorded right here in this room. 

K: Right here, right on that couch right over there.

H: Yeah, usually.

K: Usually. Sometimes from our bed, though.

H: You have any New Year's Resolutions?

K: I would like to use my phone less.

H: Mmm.

K: In my bed, specifically.

H: Mm-hmm. I want to do a month meat-free.

K: Oh, yeah.

H: To start out the year. Honestly, I've never tried to go vegetarian. I've always thought that I should, I've never done it. I just wanna try it out. We'd have to eat those HelloFresh's pretty quick.

K: Pfft!

H: Molly wants to know what our favorite inside couple joke is. We're not gonna tell you. That's ours! Katherine, do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain?

K: Absolutely not.

H: I don't like either of those things!

K: Mm-mmn.

H: What's the cutest thing Orin has ever done?

K: One time, I left him in his crib after I got him up from his nap, because he likes to just spend a little time in there by himself. 

H: Mm-hmm. 

K: And I gave him a book to look at and then I went out into his room and I saw him like, get his hippo, which is his love-y, and like, put it on his lap and say, "Hippo.  Read book."  

H: How nervous are you for when your child starts watching YouTube?  Oh, very.  Do you have any New Year's well-wishes for people, Katherine?

K: Hap.  Hap.  Herp.  

H: I thought he was gonna say something!  

K: He did!  You just don't understand Nutcracker.  Whatever you need to hear is what this Nutcracker is saying.  

H: John, I'll see you on Tuesday, I think.

K: Happy New Yeark!  

H: Tickets are available for PodCon right now.  January 19th and 20th in Seattle, Washington.  There's also digital attendance available, you can listen to that in your podcast app.  

K: 'Cause everything that happens at PodCon is a podcast.

H: It's true.