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After serial photography became a thing, it wasn't long before motion pictures started to develop. And, at the front of that development was Thomas Edison, who you may know as an inventor and business person. In this episode of Crash Course Film History, Craig talks to us about Edison, his assistant W.K.L. Dickson, and their inventions that pioneered motion pictures.

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Hello, I'm Craig, and this is CrashCourse film history.
You probably know Thomas Alva Edison as the inventor of the lightbulb or the phonograph, but that's not entirely true - gasp. 


Yes, he's an icon of American innovation and personally came with dozens of new devices, but he was also one of those guys with too many ideas to accomplish all by himself, just like me. So he hired a team of talented assistants and put them to work in the world's first industrial research lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey, and with their help, Edison made some major contributions to lots of technologies, including the technology of film.

Hey! That's what we're talking about! One of those engineers was a young man named William, also known as W.K.L Dixit. 
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