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In which Joe and Caspar try to guess the legitimacy of state laws like, "You may not catch fish with your bare hands in Indiana," and other fun challenges before they Hit the Road.

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Michael: Oh, I think you applauded a little louder for Joe. I think it's gonna be a little contentious. I don't know. Very uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable how this has turned, but anyway, keep going.

Girl: Joe is a snail-loving, former roof thatcher.

Michael:  You knew that, you knew that.

Girl: You knew that.

Michael: You knew that.

Girl: But did you know that they are best friends?

Michael: They are best friends! And they're here together! Please, welcome Caspar and Joe!

Girl: And Joe!

Joe: Hello! Hi! It's so good to be back in America.

Caspar: Hello!

Joe: Hey! So.

Caspar: We surprised you at home.

Joe: Yeah. We kept it pretty quiet. Uh, so, Caspar why are we here?

Caspar: We are in the USA to film Joe and Caspar Hit The Road USA.

Joe: Which we're actually, we're actually like leaving today, aren't we? We're flight off to our first place today.

Caspar: We're flying off today, uh, and we're really excited. And it's gonna be, it's gonna be a lot more American this time.

Joe: Yeah.

Caspar: So, it's really exciting.

Joe: Yeah, we're really excited. But, the only thing is, uh, cause we're going through lots of different states, we didn't realise, until earlier on, that there's a lot of states have different laws.

Caspar: You have a lot of laws, and a lot of scary people here who can arrest you.

Joe: Yeah.

Caspar: So, we have been studying and we want Michael, where he.

Michael: Oh! Yes! Hello, hello, hello, hello!

Caspar: Hey!

Michael: Yes, thank you!

Joe: There he is.

Michael: Okay.

Caspar: We're wondering if you could quiz us.

Michael: Yes!

Caspar: And we could compete.

Michael: Yes! Great.

Caspar So, if you guys wanna play along as well.

Michael: Yes. Bree come keep score, so you can help.

Girl: I can keep score.

Michael: Yes, play along at home, or at home, or wherever this is.

Jow: I don't wanna cheat.

Michael: Okay, don't cheat. Joe.

Joe: Yes.

Michael: Is this a real law, is this a fake law? You may not catch fish with your bare hands in Indiana.

Michael: Woo!

Joe: I say it's real.

Girl: Cheating!

Joe: Is it real?

Michael: Do you live in Indiana? Does she live in Indiana?

Joe: Uh, I'm gonna, I guess I'm gonna say real. It better be right.

Michael: It's real!

Joe: Thank you!

Michael: One point for Joe, one point.

Caspar: So, wait, what's that, what's that law again?

Michael: You may not catch fish with your bare hands in Indiana. So, you can put on gloves and catch fish.

Caspar: Oh my God.

Michael: Loop hole, loop hole! Caspar.

Caspar: Okay, it's on me guys.

Michael: In Los Angeles county you may not, uh, hunt moths under a street light.

Joe: Aw, I'd love to do that.

Michael: We're in Los Angeles county.

Caspar: Who's.

Michael: You may not.

Caspar: Who's from LA? Scream if you ever.

Joe: I'm  just gonna say.

Caspar: Have you ever, have you ever done that before?

Joe: I think it's real.

Caspar: Have you been arrested?

Joe: I think it's real.

Caspar: You think it's real? I'm gonna go with fake, that's not real, we can do it.

Michael: Caspar Lee, zero points! That's a real law! Joe is winning. One to zero!

Joe: I love that.

Michael: Indiana in the house. Los Angeles you're going to have (?~3:01) Joe.

Joe: Yes.

Michael: Real or fake law? Gosh, you may not dress your dog in clothes in Indiana.

Joe: Another Indiana one?

Michael: Another Indiana law.

Joe: What is it with Indiana laws?

Michael: You may not dress your dog in clothes in Indiana.

Joe: Uh, well, I know you can definitely do it in LA, so, that's, you only see dogs that wear clothes there, I feel like.

Michael: Exactly.

Joe: Uh, I'm gonna say. It's my little friend down there again said that it's real. I'm gonna say that is not real.

Michael: Your little friend is a liar! You're correct! It is a fake law! Two points for Joe.

Caspar: Damn, that sucks. By the way, Joe and Caspar Hit The Road USA!

Michael: Yes! Plug, plug, plug! Are you going to Indiana?

Caspar: That's what I was gonna say.

Michael: Plug, plug, plug! Are you going to Indiana?

Caspar: Uh, I don't know, we don't, are we, wait, we should know, because we're producing this one.

Michael: If you do, do not dress your dog in clothes, or you can.

Joe: We should be writing this down.

Michael: Caspar.

Caspar: Okay.

Michael: In Los Angeles county you may not keep an insect as a pet? You may not keep an insect as a pet. Real law, fake law?

Joe: Where is that from?

Caspar: I mean, I've always wanted to have a pet insect, so.

Michael: Don't you?

Joe: I used to, yeah, I used to.

Caspar: False, false.

Joe: I used to, I used to have stick insects and they ran away. And they never got back.

Caspar: False, I'll go with false.

Michael: It is a fake law! One point for Caspar, he's on the board. The score is two to one.

Caspar: Aw, I feel great.

Michael: Joe.

Joe: Wait, what do we win if we.

Michael: Oh, yeah, uh. A big hug! Joe, real or fake law? You may not lick a toad in Los Angleles county. You may not lick a toad in.

Joe: Well, if it's true then I'm guilty.

Michael: Real or fake, what do you say audience?

Joe: No?

Michael: You think it's real? You look very.

Joe: I, I weirdly think that that is real, I think that's real. I'm gonna go with real.

Michael: That is absolutely, positively a real law. You may not lick a toad in Los Angleles county. Point for Joe.

Joe: Remember that, okay. Remember that.

Caspar: Okay, so if I.

Michael: You've got three.

Caspar: So, I, yeah, I need get this right to stay in the game or I'm out.

Michael: You do, you do, you do. Caspar, all the pressure in the world.

Caspar: Okay.

Michael: Moving to Montana! Who's from Montana? I knew it, thank you for not lying. No, no one's from uh. You know who's from Montana? Who's from Montana? Very famous YouTubers.

Girl: Hannah!

Michael: And, and the Greens! I mean, they're from Indiana, but they live up in mountains, anyway. Boring! In Montana it's illegal to barbecue in your backyard. Real or fake? Do you wanna just come up here?

Joe: You need to be up on the stage.

Michael: She's screaming.

Caspar: Okay, fake. Fake.

Michael: That is a fake law. You're still in the game!

Caspar: Okay, before we continue with this can I do a little Snapchat?

Michael: Yes. Yes. Yeah!

Caspar: That'd be awesome. Could we, uh, could we, could we, could you help us, please?

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

Caspar: Could I say, could I say Caspar, you, you say Joe.

Joe: What'd you want me to do? Where should I go?

Capar: You say Joe.

Joe: Okay.

Caspar: You look at the camera, and I go, and Caspar, and then everyone goes, hit the road USA! Okay, cool.

Michael: Alright, ready? Tell me when to go.

Joe: Also, I've just realized you're wearing flip flops. On stage. How Caspar Lee is that?

Caspar: Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, you go Joe.

Michael: And then Caspar.

Caspar: Yeah. I wish my name was first.

Michael: Alright. We are recording, and three, two, go.

Joe: Joe!

Caspar: And Caspar!

Audience: Hit the road [Screeming].

Caspar: Woo!

Joe: I just did a weird, little dance.

Caspar: Anyway, I just wanna.

Joe: Uh, do we have any more, has it run out, did it run out?

Michael: One last one.

Joe: Okay, one last one.

Michael: Joe!

Joe: Oh boy.

Mochael: You may not leave the house in pajamas in Los Angeles county. Real or fake?

Joe: Everyone's like, no.

Michael: Like, we're in Starbucks in our pajamas. We're in our pajamas right now.

Joe: Yeah, it's like.

Girl: I would've been arrested.

Michael: I know.

Joe: Okay, I'm gonna have to say no
Michael: That is a fake law. You win!

Joe: I want a hug.

Michael: Just. You want a hug. Oh. You're all jealous, he smells wonderful. Just one more. Caspar, Montana passed a law which allows you to salvage roadkill for meat. For you dignity and honor, get it right. No hugs, though. Montana passed a law which allows you to salvage roadkill for meat.

Caspar: True. True.

Michael: True! Good job!

Caspar: Oh, thank you. You don't.

Michael: So (?~7:36)

Caspar: So guys, uh, I guess.

Joe: Aw, thank you!

Caspar: Thank you guys. So, I just, I just wanted to say how happy we are to be at VidCon again, and in America, and like, we wouldn't be able to shoot this show again without your support.

Joe: Yeah.

Caspar: You want to say something?

Joe: I completely agree, yeah, thank you so much for all your support in our videos. Really appreciate it. Uh, and hopefully we'll film a really, really good movie, that you'll all really enjoy.

Caspar: Yeah.

Joe: In America! So excited! Cool.

Caspar: Thank you so much guys!

Joe: Cheers, thank you! Bye!

Caspar: Bye.