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This week's questions:
2:46 Should a breastfeeding mother remove allergens (eg dairy) from her diet if the child has confirmed allergy to it but does not exhibit symptoms from breastfeeding, only when he eats the food directly?
4:56 I'm paranoid about germs since I can get sick very easily.I wash my hands many times, and spray Lysol on my desk and work surfaces at least twice a day. Does the Lysol actually work to combat germs?
7:36 I'm a 21 year old male in healthy physical condition and poor financial condition. I live in Tennessee where the medicaid expansion to cover people like me was rejected. Is that likely to change now?
10:57 So, I read the NYT article on weight loss. IS a calorie a calorie?
11:54 Can you offer any recommendations for managing metabolic syndrome? Thx!
12:23 What is your take on ND's (NatPaths) becoming PCP?
13:35 What are the long term effects of drug remnants and nano plastic in our drinking water and food?
15:18 Seems like my family is prone to autoimmune diseases. My mum has SLE, I have celiac. We have IBD, psoriasis and MS in the family too. Are some people more genetically prone to autoimmune disease?
16:31 I've a family history of mental illness should i smoke weed.
18:36 Can wearing contact lenses over multiple years on a day to day basis bad for the eye?
19:25 When do you think that medicinal marijuana will become mainstream for PCP's to prescribe? The literature seems to show strong evidence to support it's use in chronic pain, MS, and a few other things.
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