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Hello.  Pizzamas ended and so I thought to myself, you know what I should do is make another--ahhh--I dropped something on, well, it's not my fault that I have a weird steel drum on the floor of my office.  I legitimately don't know where I got this.  Apparently, the Barbados which I've never, for clarity, been to.  I'm making this video for one reason, and that's to remind you, 'cause every year, people are like, oh no, I didn't get my Pizzamas thing, and it's too late and then they write to our customer support people and they're like, "Can I get it, just like, it's like 15 minutes late?"  No!  You can't.  You have to do it now!  

Here's the situation.  We order everything on Monday.  It's like, we take the numbers of stuff that got ordered and we order it then and after that, we can't do anything about it.  That's the same thing with the Bizarre Beasts pin club.  We do it this way so that we don't make extra stuff and have to throw it away.  We make the exact number that we need with a little bit of overage just in case anybody's gets lost in the mail, and then if you wanna know the full transparency situation, for like, after a certain amount of time passes and we're sure that we're not gonna need the shirts that we got as overage, we put those in our mystery shirt pile and then they go out for $5 a shirt and we never tell people, and like, there's a very low chance that you're gonna get a Pizzamas shirt in mystery shirts but it does happen.

Don't try to get a Pizzamas shirt by going to mystery shirts, 'cause you'll probably get a shirt from some creator you've never heard of.  This is really--mystery shirts is entirely a way to get a shirt so that you can wear one.  

So this is your last chance Pizzamas video.  This is your last chance Bizarre Beasts pin club video.  Go look now if you wanna get one of the things.  This is really it, and I'm pushing this 1) because every year there are people who are like, I just waited a little too long, and 2) because hey, I wanna raise money for Sierra Leone so go boo, boo, boom, boom.  

Alright, I'm gonna go Tweet about this too and put it on Instagram and what other social medias do I use?  That's really it.  Maybe I should make a Facebook post aaaughh.