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In which many goals are scored and even viral meningitis can't stop John from screaming "DICKOOOOOOOO!"

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He's in! It's a goal! It's a goal! Hells Pells!

Oh! Oh! It's in the net! It's in the net!

John Green. Cut back! Go through! Get fouled! Shoot! Yes!

...if it did I think - Oooh! It's our first goal of the new season!

Have you seen that documentary The Jetsons about life in the future? It's very good. It's compelling.

That was a terrible idea for a shot but is it gonna work out!? Oooh!
"Ya Ya Ya Ya..."
Oh, I started way too high.

Oh! Ooooh! Dicko!

Dicko! Oh no, it's Deeney! In his first game!

John Green to Bald John Green, to his husband! It's a goal! John Green to John Green!
"John Greens, John Greens,
Bald and Other John Greens.
They're the best forwards that Wimbledon has ever seen."

Is it possible to kill a demon? OK, well, like, quick update, um, there are no demons. hopefully becomes clear in the book. Ooooh Dicko! Oh my goodness! You can't hear me!? I'm screaming as loud as I can, Dicko!

Oh, speaking of records. Oh, it's Deeney!

Maybe I don't need to be! Ooooh! Dicko!

Oh! Oh my God, what a beautiful goal! It's Dicko, he has two!

She was better than anyone had before. Um, speaking of being better than anyone has been before, it's Deeney!

We don't know that much about the lives of dinosaurs. Could they have been construction workers? Possibly. We don't, you know, there's a lot we don't know.

I don't think it's that simple. Oh! But sometimes scoring a goal is that simple when you have Houdini on your team!

Lots and lots of love and I think... Oh! Oh my God! Speaking of love, I love that goal! It's Dicko!

So... Ohohohoho!

Great pass from Dicko! Oh! And it's a beautiful start for the Wimbly Womblys. Dicko to Who? Deeney!

Um, come on. Come on John Green. Come on John Green! Oh John Green!

And Dicko is this, like... Oh Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko!

But I think it speaks to their professionalism. Oh, speaking of professionalism, that guy just walked past my entire defense.

What quality do I look for in a significant other? Oh, I look for goals! I definitely look for the quality of Houdini goals!

Castle, no. Not a c... Ohoho! Who? Deeney! Who? Deeney!

...'cause we put so much pressure on ourselves - Oh.

What a great ball and then... Ohoho Dicko!

What a goal from Dicko and then Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko!, Dicko! Dicko! Dicko! Dicko!

Where your spinal fluid is, like, coming out of your body. Dicko!
"A Wimbly Wombly scored a goal
And Dicko was his name-o.
D-I-C-K-O! D-I-C-K-O! D-I-C-K-O!
And Dicko was his name-o."