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In which Hank revels in his fame and asks for permission to explore the Evil Baby Orphanage.


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Computer: Good morning, Hank. Hank, the librarians... Good morning-- Good morning John. Good morning... discussion... Good morning, John. 

Hank: Aaaaaaaaahhh! Good morning John, it's Tuesday, May 15th. One of the Nerdfighters told me to try that. It was amazing.

(Singing) Congratulations on buying a house!

I know that it's not final, but they accepted your offer. And now you have to go through all of the horrible process of actually buying a house. That's very exciting. Congratulations. I can't wait to visit it and you in Indianapolis, Indiana. Does everybody know that you grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana? That you lived there until you were, like, three? Because I don't feel like you've mentioned that, but I think it's kind of strange. I mean, of all the places in the world to return to, after living in Alabama and Chicago and New York; always saying that you were going to go back to Alabama, but now you're going back to where you came from. Indianapolis-- a place I'm pretty sure you hated. You were three, but I think you hated it.

On to more important matters: Evil Baby Orphanage. I really think there's only one option: We have to do this. And I believe that we must officially ask permission of the Nerdfighters. To Brooke, who conceived this idea, and all of the other Nerdfighters that have been putting their brains to the task: can John and I run with this? Can we try and do something with the Evil Baby Orphanage idea? I mean, I'm not saying that there's going to be a book out by Hank and John Green called “Evil Baby Orphanage”, but I think it's pretty fertile ground for storytelling. So I'm asking permission, nicely this time. Next time won't be so nice. I'll be groveling at your feet, begging and pleading and kissing you on parts and donating money to your favorite charities. Because you're amazing, and it's a hilarious idea, and we like it, and we wanna work on it. And let us know if that's ok with you.

And as for Wikipedia, I'm on Wikipedia! Oh my God! I feel so important! I type in my name and there I am, telling people about stuff that I do! There's been a little bit of conversation in the comments about Wikipedia as a source of information. There's obviously different ways to use Wikipedia. It's huge, it's great, it has a lot of amazing information, but at the same time, sometimes it's vandalized, things go wrong.

For example, I once went to Russell Crowe's page-- please don't ask me why-- and the first line about Russell Crowe read as follows: “Russell Ira Crowe is an Academy Award winning New Zealand-Australian actor, and is a gay.” So obviously there are flaws in the idea of Wikipedia. Anybody can edit, you don't even have to sign-up, you can just write whatever you want. But I was able to click edit, and I removed “is a gay”, and now people looking for information on Russell Crowe will be completely happy with what they find.

​I actually really believe in the idea of Wikipedia and I am thrilled to be there among the million other articles about important and unimportant things. And to be on there is another amazing, excellent gift that you and the Nerdfighters have given me. Thank you all so much. I'll see you tomorrow.