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In which John talks about the Evil Baby Orphanage. And wikipedia.


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3 librarians: Good morning Hank! (shows business card cube) Hank look what the, uh, librarians in Baltimore did. It's Monday, May 14th. Hank, your video on Friday prompted an intense discussion in the comment section of The specific question at hand: whether or not the Nerdfighters should build a time machine and go back in time and kill Baby Hitler. Hank, when it comes to Baby Hitler killing, people tend to fall into one of two camps. The first camp says, we shouldn't kill the Baby Hitler, he's just a baby, he's not even evil yet, he hasn't killed anyone. The other camp of people say, are you crazy? What the hell are you talking about? We need to go back in time and kill Baby Hitler! I tend to side with those people. I have to say Hank, there's just something about killing the Baby Hitler that appeals to me. Hank, it seemed that the two camps, pro-Baby Hitler killing and anti-Baby Hitler killing, would never be able to reconcile. And that there would be a split among the Nerdfighters that could possibly lead to a Nerdfighter civil war! But then along came commenter Brooke, who suggested The Evil Baby Orphanage. OH! MY! GOD! Hank, The Evil Baby Orphanage is such a good idea; I don't understand how no one thought of it before! The idea is simple. We go back in time, and we don't kill all the evil babies, we just take them out of their crappy homes and then we take them to like a mountain in Tibet or something where we raise them up to be heroic Nerdfighter babies! Hank, something has to be done with this Evil Baby Orphanage idea, but I don't know what to do with it. Hopefully you or someone else will have good ideas. In other news: Hank, I would like to read to you from a deleted portion of the Wikipedia entry for An Abundance of Katherines. "The novel start with James Lloyd, an un-charismatic young actor who is considering leaving behind his career in London and moving to America. By moving he also hopes to leave behind Katherine, a girl he has long had feelings for but who repeatedly turned him down. While his career grows in strength, he begins to cautiously experiment in homosexuality with some of the other cast members of the film he is working on." Hank, uh, that sounds like a fairly good book, but it doesn't sound like the book I wrote. Hank after I discovered this entirely fictional and extremely odd plot summary of An Abundance of Katherines, I started to look around Wikipedia for more information about you and about me. And, you know what I found? Not much! In fact, Hank, the entry in the lonelygirl15 Wikipedia about me is more informative in many ways than the entry in the actual Wikipedia. But you know what's even worse than the fictional Wikipedia entry about An Abundance of Katherines? The fact that there is no entry whatsoever about Hank Green! Can you believe it?! Wikipedia has never even tried to fathom the inky blue depths of Hank Green's genius! Hank, that is not acceptable. And with the help of the Nerdfighters, I'm gonna do something about it! We're making you a Wikipedia entry because you've earned it big guy. And hopefully also some people will improve the entries for me and for Looking for Alaska and for An Abundance of Katherines. That's what Wikipedia is all about. It's about brothers creating Wikipedia entries for brothers. Right? Isn't that what it's about? Hank, I'll see you tomorrow. (Brotherhood 2.0 logo) P.S. Hank I don't know if you realized this but in the last week we've raised more than 300 dollars for Randy's family. And we'll be collecting donations all this week.