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In which John helps Hank help YouTube announce a startlingly awesome new program called Video Volunteers.


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John, on the phone: Good morning, Hank.

Hank: OK, got your camera on?

John: Yeah. Hey, why am I doing this?

Hank: Uh, well John I'm glad you asked that. I called you so that you could help me help YouTube announce a brand new program called the Video Volunteers Program that is going to prove once and for all how extremely awesome YouTube can be, and I'm hoping that a lot of people are gonna watch this video.

John: You're hoping people will watch? We're 10 seconds into the video and nothing funny or gross has happened yet. Hank, you need to get a hamster, you need to put it on a piano, and you need to feed it some popcorn.

Hank: Yeah, okay, I will do that, but first could you tell the people a little bit more about who we are?

John: Um, okay a couple years ago we started making these videos back and forth to each other which ended up spawning this huge community of people called nerdfighters who fight for awesome and also raise a lot of money for charity, and sometimes we help them raise money for charity by doing horrible things, like one time I drank a Blenderized Happy Meal. In fact, Hank, that's what YouTube is about, it's about drinking meat.

Hank: Yeah, okay, that is one of the cool things about YouTube but additionally there's the part where it's a real community of people coming together.

John: Yeah, coming together to watch old episodes of Alf.

Hank: Yeah, to watch old episodes of Alf, but also to make the world a better place. Do you remember this years project for awesome? Thousands of YouTubers made videos supporting their favorite charities.

John: I-I'm sorry, Hank, but is there any way we can get you to talk about this stuff while a baby named Charlie bites your finger?

Hank: Yeah, can you take this a little more seriously?

John: Okay, okay. How about we put a squirrel on water-skis and we tie a banner to its neck with all the stuff that you wanna say about charity.

Hank: John.

John: Or- or we take a 7 year old kid to the dentist, we get him all hopped up on pain medications, and then we have HIM talk about charity.

Hank: Okay, actually, these are all good ideas.

John: Actually I think at least two of them are illegal.

Hank: I stand by what I said, they are good ideas. And now thanks to YouTube's Video Volunteers Program - click my face for the link - everyone in the YouTube community has an opportunity to partner with one of these nonprofit organizations and help bring attention to their causes.

John: You know, Hank, it occurs to me that there are people who are really good at changing the world. Who like, go outside and interact with other human beings in that hyper-physical medium called "real life," and that kind of volunteerism is totally important, right? But now there are also important volunteer opportunities available to obsessive agoraphobes who love to edit video - like us!

Hank: So if you go to, you'll see a bunch of different charities that need creative people to make videos explaining their work and why it's important. Click my face for the link. I'm partnering with In Gender Health.

John: And I'm gonna partner with the Book Wish Foundation. So we're gonna make videos for our charities, upload them, share them with people, the charity will share them with more people-

Hank: And we hope to see videos from all those guys too, out there in YouTube Land, and not to belabor the point but click on my face.

John: and then through this active video volunteerism, the world will get better.

Hank: Yes! YouTube for a better world! Click on my face! And I think that's all we have.

John: Alright, Hank, I'll talk to you later.

Hank: Bye John.

John: So, YouTube, here's an opportunity to use your video making skills to decrease the overall worldwide levels of suck. We hope you'll take advantage of it. As we say in Nerdfighteria: Don't forget to be awesome.