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In which Hank answers comments from non-nerdfighters.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John.

It is Tuesday June 23rd, it is actually not Tuesday June 23rd it's the 22nd but I have to make this video now because our parents are coming into town tomorrow and they are probably gonna want me to hang out with them instead of hangin' out with YouTube because they're my parents and they gave birth to me and stuff. I guess only Mom gave birth to me, Dad just sorta stood there. Every time one of our videos gets picked up on the front page of YouTube, there's a lot of confusion.

And there's also a lot of meanness. So I wanted to make this video for two reasons: 1) because I kinda wanted to help people understand what you and I do here. [Hank does the Robot?] (Apparently I do this.) [The Robot] 2)I wanted to help release the crushing weight on my soul that is the Haters of YouTube by responding to their comments. So I'm going to respond to some hater comments, and some not-so-hater comments from our most recent video at the YouTube Video Volunteers Program.

Click on my face. [Points to Annotation for the YouTube Video Volunteers Program] And so that you know whether I'm being a commenter or being me, I'm going to be wearing this duck head on my face when I'm a commenter. [A piece of the duck pinata gets stuck in Hank's mouth] (This piece got stuck my mouth.) COMMENTER: If you think the world sucks, then why are you livin' on it? HANK: Well, one I didn't really know that I had a choice... But additionally, I think one of the great things about being on the world is that you get to make it suck less.

C: The world does suck. That's why we should destroy it! H: I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that point and I don't have any complicated philosophical reasons why.

C: How come John never blinks? H: How come this duck never blinks? Actually, the real reason that John never blinks is because Ze Frank, a pioneering video blogger, never blinked and everything we do is stolen directly from Ze Frank.

You should go watch Ze Frank. He's better than us. C: Hank is a MILF.

H: None of any of the letters in that acronym could possibly apply to me. C: Are you guys in the same room? H: Um, no.

John and I started this project because we live across the country from each other and we wanted to talk to each other more. I realize that our bookshelves look remarkably similar, but if you look on John's bookshelf you see that there's lame books, like "The Norton Anthology for English Literature". And if you look on my bookshelf, there's totally awesome books. (HarlemW said:) Don't Forget to Be Awesome?!

That has to be like my new favorite saying! (And Mr. BigBalls said:) Whatever, this geeks conversation is lame! (And then GrandpaJoe said:) Um, thank you for your input Mr. BigBalls.

And I don't have anything to say about this conversation, I just thought it was great. "Don't Forget to Be Awesome" is one of the things that we say around here. We also just say DFTBA because it's easier to say than Don't Forget to Be Awesome. But the basic idea is, y'know, sometimes we forget to be awesome!

So we should remind ourselves, not to, as often as possible. C: Not Married. Gay-ish, But not gay.

H: You could totally see my wedding ring throughout that entire video. You're just not paying attention, dude. C: Wasted 3 minutes and 7 seconds of my life.

H: Well, I guess, I guess I just have to say I appreciate you watching the whole video. You probably felt like it was gonna waste your life like 13 seconds in, but then you watched the whole video, you stuck it out, man! You'll never get that time back, I'm not giving it back to you.

I'm no FallofAutumnDistro. I do not return your 3 minutes. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.) [Points to Annotation] Dirty said, "What's your ring tone, older Vlogbrother?" And then John responded to this one too: "It's the party blower solo, from an amazing song my brother did. You can watch that video here" (That last part actually wasn't in the comment...but you can.) "PS- How did you know that I was the older Vlogbrother?" And then Dirty replied, "Because the fatter ones are usually older.

No offense though." Thanks for calling him fat and then saying no offense, like that makes it all better. On that same note, C: Hank, I noticed that one of your incisors is bigger than the other. Is there anything that you can do about that, because it's really bothering me.

H: The fact that my incisor is slightly too large probably bothers you less than dental surgery would bother me. Just a guess. C: What is a Nerdfighter, and how can I be one?

H: Nerdfighters are people who fight for awesome, and are excited about learning things, and discovering things, and understanding people as they wish to be understood, complexly and with depth. And if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, then you probably are, so you should stop worrying about it. Well that is all I've got for you people.

Thank you so much for considering participation in the Video Volunteers program, I hope to see you all creating Video Volunteer videos soon. John, you won't even see me tomorrow, but my video is gonna be kinda cool so I hope you enjoy it.