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Our final Crash Course Psychology Outtakes before we start our new series. Until then, enjoy Hank being Hank.

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And then there's denial, which ain't just a river in Africa. (Laughs) Did we really just do that?


And by most counts—

You've probably heard of a veil curt— afthafh.

So how could they create such a rich, diver-hrfarfrgrg.

The evidence we've ga-thh. Ptbhh.

And- as- ptbh.

(dance montage)


A group of totally sane-aah.

But unlike other kinds of than-vl-aah. Bahthatha.

Involve alternal-pahl. My tongue came out!

Debating whether more— whether there whether there whether there more.

That's just- that's just just- thst- th- that's just me making- fun- having, having fun!

Challenging- glay-kl. Thuh. Hh. Th.

Architecture to healing to survival- skills. Rrfrvrvrvr.

I've been thinking about this a lot. I'm like, am I stressed out right now, or am I just Hank?

Then they can be enough to make us think-aramoshazar.


You- (Burps)

— (Burps) 'Scuze me.

I was like this:

Contains five- no, ten! It says ten! Right there! Ten! $#&*. Ten. It's a completely different number.

Along with the biomeh- the bogl- gl-

Rather than just extrapolating— Extrapolating?!
(Hehehe hehehe)

And we tend to attribute one- blibl. Pladl. Hraherh- ih.

Instead of getting to the real unconscious reasons, like, "Yeah, you know, I hate— beh." Myself.


Is one of the world's four— blblblblbl.

Gouge— yeah, this is bizwan— layz— toodawindooh.

Romantic attraction to an abplibplibpl.

Or quirky, become obsefm— af— ablblbl.

It- can be dif-fic-ul-ag-bh-gag-er-hh-(laughs)


Ah cannak tak todae. Kay.

Many of his ideas were very controversial, and remain so to- todeh- to deh to- to too- toooday.

But listen. But et- but et- bdddaggbehbddabb.

And the nexus of mental strgls- Strglsh! Struggle- Shtruggers. What's a strugger?

Tolken was able to harness the effects of his Tolken to re— (laughs) HaTooolken!

To determine which wud— wat- which wat- whut- Once and for all!

Which one of these does not belong in the se-blablabla.

That actually might help you find new focase— Focase!

Scientific approach to- alublublublub.

A long time for this— fblllll.

And the more severe cases-ahlaaahl. Bhla.

Mmm. Nope. Nope. That's not what it says, Hank.

Generally acting anxious- arlaRAHLL RAHLLAHLL.

Is that designed to be the work in pragra- forever.

Dees- deesortars.

For the random thoughts that thro- fo- thruya. Hrrrahlalala.

Even though they're- yih- hlaylayl.

Then, of course, there's injah- ihh. harhaficah.

Double up on invited- to gablbla. Bablaba. Bablabablabablababla-

But agai— (laughs)

You're gonna have to come back to find out!
...Next time, on Crash Course Psychology!
That robot from Lost In Space may or may not have accidentally killed Timmy!
Probably not!